10 Amazing Tips For Mobile Photographers

Photography – the art of capturing moments, has been practiced for ages.

With time these black and white photos are now filled with exciting colors, and the old cameras are now replaced with Digital SLRs, Compact System Cameras, Point-and-Shoots, Camcorders, Lenses, Accessories, and much more.

Are you also fond of photography? Then let us guide you. 

You don’t need an expensive camera to be a fantastic photographer. However, it has long been said that the best camera is the one that is always with you. So use your mobile camera to the fullest and be a pro mobile photographer. There are tons of ways that you can practice and utilize using your mobile camera to capture eye-attractive pictures.


So are you planning to take stunning photos with your mobile phone? Though mobile photography may be a bit daunting at times. But worry no more, we have gathered few simple tricks with which you’ll be able to take the kind of photos you never thought can be possible with a mobile camera.

Mobile Photography Tips For Beginners

Mobile Photography Tips For Beginners

1. Clean Your Lens

Cleaning mobile phone lenses seems to be an obvious thing, but many people often forget to do that and later nag about getting a blurred image.

Clean Your Lens

Therefore it is necessary to clean the mobile camera before taking a picture because he hardly realizes, our mobile phone camera is way much in contact with dust, sand and contains more particles than we can imagine. So make sure to clean before use.

2. Point Away From The Sun Or Go To The Shadows

Point Away From The Sun Or Go To The Shadows

To get a bright and vibrant picture, avoid getting in direct contact with the sun instead point away from it or your go-to place where you can get the perfect natural lightening. This will help you capture a picture that you often see on social media platforms.

3. Avoid Zooming – Move Closer Instead

One of the common mistakes that often most mobile photographers make, they zoom in instead of going closer to the object.

Avoid Zooming - Move Closer Instead

So next time when you about to zoom in to capture the image, make sure to move forward to take a better picture.

4. Master Your Composition

Master Your Composition

Do you want to capture professional-looking photos with blurred background and HD finish? Then master your subject. Make sure that you’re aware of each function in your camera, whether it’s the blur background option or the portrait mode. Once you’re done, compose your shot and take that stunning picture.

5. Use Your Phone To Your Advantage

People often click pictures and later edit them with other picture editing apps. But have you ever explored its settings? If not, then give it a look. You will find exciting features like filters, lightings, live focus, timer, flash, and much more.

Use Your Phone To Your Advantage

So next time when you’re about to take a picture, ensure to edit it on the spot.

6. Use Both Landscape And Portrait Orientations

Use Both Landscape And Portrait Orientations

To capture perfect photos in low or high light, you need to keep the mobile camera really steady. Besides you can even take pictures in both landscape and portrait orientation mood.

So visit the place where you can shoot the best images.

7. Tap Your Screen For Focus

Tap Your Screen For Focus

Is your photo getting blurred, or is it out of focus? Are you wonder why this is happening?

Then let us guide you. It might be because you’re mobile has lost its focus. So to get back its focus, start by tapping on the screen to get the focus back. Later swipe up or down to adjust the exposure according to your desire. By doing this, you’ll be able to capture the perfect scene in no time.

8. Lightproof, Snapseed, VSCO, Camera +

Lightproof, Snapseed, VSCO, Camera +

So if you’re an iPhone user, then here are some top iPhone photo editing apps – VSCO vs. Snapseed vs. Camera+. To learn more, check out some on demand mobile app list:

  1. Haldie
  2. Gemini Photos 
  3. Darkroom 
  4. Snapseed 
  5. Adobe Lightroom CC
  6. Enlight Photofox
  7. Touch Retouch 
  8. VSCO
  9. Mextures
  10. Instagram 

9. Use Attachable Lenses

Use Attachable Lenses

Another most fantastic hack for capturing wonderful abstract images is to attach additional lenses. Besides, some of the best lenses are listed below:

Use Attachable Lenses

So if you don’t have an attachable lens, then ensure to buy them for yourself as it helps a lot if you’re a mobile photographer.

10. Use An App That Lets You Control Manual Settings Like The Pro Camera App

Use An App That Lets You Control Manual Settings Like The Pro Camera App

Lastly, once you’re done with clicking your desired photo, you can use an app to control manual settings like the Pro Camera. Many small-scale mobile photographers often use apps like these. So if you haven’t tried this, then we recommend you to do so.

Our Final Words

However, if you practice the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you’ll get for sure capture the million-dollar image. Summing up with the most important tip, try to keep the composition simple and create a wonderful, minimalist photo that can easily grab attention. So wait are you waiting for? Get hands-on on your mobile and start off with photography and clear all those myths and reality.

Just keep practicing and to the best mobile photographer !!!