Best 5 Effective Popup Ideas To Improve Online Marketing

Looking for useful Popup ideas to improve online marketing? Check out some of the best popup ideas and tips that will boost your sales instantly.

Acquiring a visitor’s attention means boosting your sales, traffic, and online marketing. Many people believe that when it comes to marketing, the only things that come in handy are ads and nothing more. But it’s not true, popups are also an amazing way that plays a massive role in boosting online marketing.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can add in any popup, as there are uncountable popups on the internet. Therefore it becomes quite essential to implement the right popup on your site that boosts the clicks and visits on the page.
So if you don’t know which popup to use, then here are some of the best popup solutions that will improve your online marketing and boost the reach efficiently.

First thing first, some of the relevant statistics….

A survey done a few months back showed the following statistics.
• 15% of the popup used a negative CTA, where other businesses used a simple close button.
• 50% of the popups offered led magnet like free content, tools, templates, discounts, etc.
• 35% of the brands included “free stuff” somewhere on their popups for customers.
pop up graph

Best 5 Effective Popup Ideas that are must-try

Here are some of the best and effective popup ideas that will help you improve your online marketing.

Popup #1: Email list subscription

Email list subscription
Getting more subscribers is equivalent to becoming more popular. We all know that sales depend upon subscribers and keeping them updated about new products and offers is our duty. As when you have some particular subscribers as your customers, you know that you can estimate sales already. So you need to inform customers regarding new offers and deals. In this way, your customers will receive every important news, every time you update or make changes.
For Example: Suppose you’re operating an online clothing store. You can easily use an email subscription to update the customers and let them know whenever new clothing are on sale. We assure you that using this approach, you can witness stable sales rates.
If you’re supplying both men’s and women’s clothing, you can add in 2 checkboxes in the popups. This will help customers stay updated regarding new stock and so on. In this way, both men and women shall be notified accordingly.

Popup #2: Use Spin the wheel idea

Use Spin the wheel idea


The easiest way to pull customers’ attention and generate sales is through spin & win wheel popups. This provides an easy pathway for customers to shop more and visit websites frequently. These spin to win wheels are super useful. You can put your other sales and offers and ask customers to spin them to win the bid. It’s an exciting strategy to catch their eyes and attention.
As we all know, everybody loves games. When it’s an easy playing online game spinning a wheel to win a prize nobody will ignore it. Trust us, customers and visitors are going to love it because nobody likes to reject a sale offer or a bonus free of cost. They are definitely going to come back to your website to play the game, and this will automatically boost your sales. Also, the chances are high that they might refer your website to their friends.

Popup #3: Add banner Ads 

Add banner Ads


Banners are also a tried and tested strategy and the most reliable way to display sales and other promotional offers on the website. You can quickly put up a banner regarding your sales. For example, suppose winters are on the head, you can put up a banner on your site about winter sales. You can add in some good slogans like, hurry up and grab our winter collection at a discounted price.
Moreover, you can also send this banner to your email subscribers about your current sales. Sending them coupon codes through email addresses will help them know that you are offering deals on your site. Besides, you can ask them to use your coupon code if they plan to purchase from you. They will enjoy off on some items, and you’ll get more reaches.

Popup #4: Pre Booking 

Popup #4: Pre Booking
Whether it’s work from home or getting an education, everything has gone digitalized. We can now shop online, book a resort, and much more using our mobile phones. There’s no doubt that technology has made everything easy for humans.
When it comes to pre-booking popups, people are going to love it. So if you haven’t implemented a pop-up on your site, then you need to think about this. These pre-booking popups can help people from heaps of troubles, as it can save shoppers from future worries.
Hopefully, these popup ideas will help you gain more traffic and sales. Besides, if you want to make these popups more beneficial, then given below are some of the critical tips that you can consider that will help your business more.

List of 5 Best Tips to Improve Popup

Here are some key points that you can use and make your popups more clear and interactive.

1. Use a straightforward exit method on your popup

People get really annoyed when the popup stays for long and gets hard to exit. They often leave the site and search for another one that fulfills their needs. Therefore it becomes necessary to have an exact exit method and proper timing of popups because an annoying popup can ruin a visitor’s browsing experience and force them to leave your site prematurely.

2. Ensure that your popup only has one offer or value proposition

The faster your visitor understands the content of the popups, the better the outcome. Confusing the visitors and offering them multiple stuff on one popup can lead to a quick exit. Therefore, ensure that visitors are able to understand the offer or value proposition of your popup immediately.

Take a look at some of the excellent popup tips…

1. The text should clear and has a unique selling proposition:” Read more about your favorite offer.”
2. Also, the call to action is a powerful strategy along with benefit-oriented, “Get closer to learn more.”

3. Make sure your popup timing is critical

Timing is crucial when it comes to sales and marketing. You’ll scare a buyer if you approach too soon. Plus, if you approach them too late, it’s likely they will leave again. So the question is, what can be done. In this case, a perfectly timed popup is necessary. This way, the visitors will have enough time to see what the offer is and under the relevancy of the popups.

4. Only add in information you need 

While putting up a popup, ensure that it gets the most clickthroughs as possible. As the goal is only to collect the information you absolutely need. So list down what information you need from your visitors to help you connect with them on a personal level and add the following on your popups.

5. Creativity is the ultimate solution

The more creative your popup is, the more you can grab your visitor’s attention. So make sure to come up with some creative popup ideas and designs that can help you reach your goals instantly, as creativity goes a long way and gets users to notice what you’re offering.

The Wrap Up

All businesses need a marketing approach in this present time, and popups are the easiest and the best way to improve online marketing strategies. And with the right popup solution can boost and increase a considerable amount of reach on your site as popup play a massive role in the traffic and sales of businesses. Also, try to write brief and precise content on your popups so that it’s easy to read. Hopefully, if you follow these steps, you can create excellent popups for your business.