Best LinkedIn Hacks & Features You Should Know To Make Extra Income

We might sound a bit more biased, but in our honest opinion, there is no other platform that is as professional as LinkedIn. 

It’s all in one platform. It includes everything from keeping you connected with professional peoples, updating you about the current market, and motivating you all time, and much more. However, sometimes it can be challenging. Yet still, overall it’s one of the best platforms, especially when it comes to features and other interactive options that are on this forum.

Though at times we often miss those minor features on social media platforms that add more value to small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them grow. So if you’ve missed out on trying those mind-blowing features, then let’s not waste more time and walk through some of the most exciting features and LinkedIn growth hacks that small businesses and entrepreneurs should know of?

Some Exciting Features of LinkedIn

These are a few of the best features that will help you build your LinkedIn profile and showcase your work, skills, and services to attract and connect to people of your interests.

1. Maintain Professional Headshot

Maintain professional headshot

When it comes to LinkedIn profiles, the first thing that comes to notice is the profile photo. If you have a professional photo on your profile, you’re likely to receive 20% more profile views and messages. Moreover, you can also update and brand your profile header with all possible information like email, social media platforms you’re active on, logo, and much more. People will undoubtedly perceive your organization as being more professional and high quality, even if you’re a small firm or a new entrepreneur. So if you really want those eyeballs on your profile, then make sure to avoid cropped photos from a group party or some random selfie. Trust us its the best LinkedIn profile hack.

2. Stories


The story option also allows you to share your feed to your story. It’s another excellent way for your content or services to get more exposure and to reach people with whom it’s hard to interact on a daily basis. Besides, you can also add in call-to-action buttons, customize stickers, resize them, rotate, and also add text and emojis to make your story more eye-catching. So if you haven’t posted any stories yet, then make sure to try this feature and use the best content to post on LinkedIn that helps you get more profile visits.

3. Featured Work

Featured Work

Though the stories on LinkedIn are currently available only for Twenty-four hours, after which you hardly get to see what the person has posted. Whereas the highlight feature on LinkedIn allows you to extend your stories or articles. Lives and help you pull up archived stories or articles and place them as featured on your profile for as long as you desire. Here’s are some of the options you get when you plan to feature your articles or posts:

  • Posts

Show content posted to LinkedIn.

  • Articles

Show articles published on LinkedIn

  • Links

Show links to web content.

  • Media

Upload photos, documents, and presentations

4. Helps Showcase Skills

Helps Showcase Skills

Skills and endorsements are also some of the best features, you can’t find on any other platform. Here you can easily add in your skills. Plus, you can even categories them. This helps you meet the right people and job quickly if you’re searching for one. Besides, it’s also one of the tested LinkedIn hacks for job seekers.

5. LinkedIn Premium Feature

LinkedIn Premium Feature

If you want to enjoy LinkedIn’s advanced features, then you can try its Premium career features. It provides you with the following options that include:

  1. Direct messaging to the recruiter
  2. Applicant Insights
  3. Private Browsing
  4. Interview Preparation
  5. Who viewed your profile?
  6. Top applicant jobs
  7. Online video courses

So if you want to experience such fantastic features, then the premium feature is a must to try.

Hacks – You Should Know To Make Extra Income

Here are some of the best LinkedIn hacks 2021 that you must try:

LinkedIn Hack 2021

LinkedIn Hack #1 – Add An Interactive Post Or Upload Videos

If you really want to keep your audience engaged, add in videos and interactive posts. This way, you can easily test and monitor your views and what people are thinking and looking for. The best part is if your post and video are well designed and defined, then the LinkedIn algorithm will reward you directly with more views and connections. So this time, when you post, make sure to upload something that is trending or something like breaking industry news.

LinkedIn Hack #2 – Write Articles That Add More Value To The Platform

If you’re a new entrepreneur or new business, then writing a detailed article that relates to your skills and services will add more benefits. This way you can easily pitch and approach business and people to help you grow.

LinkedIn Hack #3 – Join Groups 

The LinkedIn platform has numerous groups with countless members. By joining these, you can reach out to professionals sharing the same skill sets. This way, your profile will start appearing in the right sidebar of those group member profiles, providing you a larger space and a lot of free exposure in a specialized community.

LinkedIn Hack #4 – Share, Like, Comment & Add Hashtags To Post

Another best LinkedIn hack that you can try to attract a new audience is by sharing your opinions, liking, commenting on a post of your fellow followers. Plus when you post, you can also add in relevant, trending hashtags, this way you to can easily reach out to deliver your skills and services that you are offering. This will for sure help you get more business in your court along with boosting your income.

LinkedIn Hack #5 – Make Use Of LinkedIn Profinder To Get Clients

Want to get more leads and attention? LinkedIn Profinder can help you get it. Just sign up to be a service provider, and you’ll hands-on receive leads from people looking for your expertise. And all are free to an extent, and if you wish to extend this, you can try out LinkedIn Premium. This will help you target the correct audience as all kinds of professional people are here, including coaches, Marketers, developers, IT services, writers, consultants, and many more.

LinkedIn Hack #6 – Endorse People’s Skills

For many people, this feature might be confusing, but let us guide you when you make an effort to endorse someone else skills, your recommendation with your photo and your name appears in their profile. This gives you another way to get more exposure.

Other New Things You Might Want To Even Check Out

1. Tagging people in your post can help them get notified easily
2. Still posting links in the comment is useful
3. If you have numerous followers, then LinkedIn’s live interactive session shall be full of engagements.
4. Though most say that LinkedIn’s golden hour is dead! But if you’ve mastered the post’s timings, then your LinkedIn will always flood with notifications and messages.

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling with sales or want to get hands-on the perfect job, then LinkedIn is the ultimate solution. Take a step back and consider all the LinkedIn hacks for sales and features, as mentioned above. This will for sure boost your confidence and will help you achieve everything. So rush to LinkedIn, update your profile, make it look professional with appropriate pictures and details, and pitch the right audience for a much better income.