Bluehost Hosting Review 2021 – It Is Affordable, But Is It reliable?

Bluehost hosting review 2021 – A popular hosting provider

Looking for the best and affordable best web hosting for your new business website? Read our complete detailed Bluehost hosting review 2021. It will help you understand why it is getting more fame day by day.

It’s challenging to choose the right hosting plan with all the features you need for your site at affordable prices.

But worry no more..!!!

There are many online web hoster brands that are offering many packages, but it might get tricky to decide the best one.

Don’t fret; we’re here to solve your problem. We’ll give you the complete details and packages of the best web hoster, “Blue host” for your new business startup.

So, let’s dig into this insightful Bluehost hosting review 2021 and learn about this hosting more without any further ado.

What is web hosting?

It’s a type of internal hosting service that provides organizations and other individual businesses to make their business website accessible through the World Wide Web.

About “Blue Hosting”

About "Blue Hosting"

A popular web hoster that reached 1 million people in just five years, operating with over 20 years of experience. EIG owned it in 2010 as it was then quite popular amongst millions of users, and it still remains the favorite of everyone till now. They have various packages that suit many types of websites at affordable prices.

Without wasting more time, let’s move on further with the fantastic features of the Blue host.

Features Of “Blue Host”

The website possesses many features that help it to run faster and perform much better. Blue host offers incredible features like this to help you fall in love with. Some of the mind-blowing features are given below:

Key Specifications

  • They offer free Domain name registration for one year.
  • They provide a free SSL Certificate.
  • You can install WordPress with an easy one-tap.
  • It also offers Free Backups.
  • They provide 24/7/365 customer services, always available for you.
  • They offer a Website staging environment.
  • You have the fantastic feature of 30 days money-back guarantee.
Star Rating of “Blue Host”


Star Rating of "Blue Host"

Variety Of Plans They Offer

They have multiple plans for you so that you can choose the most suitable for your website, which is mentioned below:

1. Shared Hosting 

They started their hosting with this package, and now they have various shared hosting plans with free domain hosting and unmetered bandwidth.

2. VPS Hosting 

VPS hosting helps to run your website better in higher traffics. Blue host’s VPN plan has up to 8GB Ram with unmetered bandwidth to run your websites better anytime.

3. Cloud Hosting 

The blue host has some cloud hosting plans with at least 2GB RAM & 100GB of storage.

4. Dedicated Hosting 

Dedicated hosting is more preferable for enterprising applications. Blue host offers various dedicated hosting with up to 2TB and four-core processors.

5. Reseller Hosting 

The blue host has many resellers hosting with the considerable support of unlimited websites and cPanel accounts.

Here’s what customers are saying about Bluehost

what customers are saying about Bluehost

Bluehost Pricing Ranges Of Host Plans

Price matters a lot when it comes to purchasing anything, but you should also be careful about your money and consider whether is it worth buying or not. Make smart purchases from Blue host plans which are worth buying.

Blue host plan’s pricing range is:

  • Shared Hosting starting from $2.75/month 
  • Shared WordPress hosting starting from $2.75/month 
  • VPS Hosting starting from $18.99/month 
  • Dedicated hosting starting from $79.99/month 
  • Managed WordPress hosting (WP Pro) starting from $19.95/month 
  • Woo Commerce hosting starting from $6.95/month 

Moreover, while doing our Bluehost hosting review 2021, we came across discounts. If you want to avail of discounts, you can easily grab these from various websites offering coupons.

Here’s what customers are saying about Bluehost

bluehost reviews

Bluehost Speed Test

To check the speed and uptime of Blue host, a high-profile test was done during Bluehost hosting review 2021. Results of the tests are given below:

Speed Of Blue Host

1- Average speed: The average speed of Blue host is 2.89 seconds. 
2- Fastest Speed: The fastest speed of blue is 0.00 seconds.
3- Slowest speed: The slowest speed recorded of the blue host is 9.17 seconds.

Here’s what customers are saying about “Bluehost”


bluehost hosting review 2021


Everything which has lots of benefits will have some flaws. The blue host has many good things but also has some flaws which you should be aware of.

Here are some significant pros and cons of a Blue host. 

pros & cons of bluehost


  • It offers cheaper packages than others.
  • It is easy to use and set up applications.
  • Offers one year of free domain registration for your excellent trial experience.
  • They have a reliable uptime but without SLA.
  • They offer generous storage to run your website hosting free faster.
  • They have unmetered bandwidth to run your website in higher traffics.
  • They have the best customer service.


  • Their speed should be improved more to run every website faster everywhere.
  • Their constant upsell pitches are very annoying.
  • They only offer to host US websites; readers from other regions will face difficulty accessing your website.
  • They should improve their backup options, as they don’t have data backups.

When to use “Blue Host”

If you have a small or medium-sized business, you can choose blue host plans for your website.

You won’t be getting tons of traffic while using blue host on your site as it is a good alternative.

You want to enter into the blogging world, the Blue host is the best choice for you.

So if you want to start up with an easy-to-access plan; the Blue host is for you.

When not to use “Blue Host”

Blue host isn’t for you if your management project is based on a website and it needs the best performance as blue host has some flaws that may don’t suits your large business.

Moreover, if you need an advanced feature for your website, you should choose any other alternative that suits your needs.

Alternatives Or Competitors Of “Blue host”

Every famous brand faces challenges from their competitor’s features and innovations. During our Bluehost hosting review 2021, we also discovered that blue hosts also have many competitors working either lower than Bluehost or better than it. Here are some of the tough competitors for the blue host:

1- Dream Host

Dream host is also a famous web hoster with over 1.5 million websites. They offer better security and speed times compare to Blue Host. It also has more data backups than blue host. It is a tough competitor for the blue host.

2- Site Ground

You will find the best support on-site ground with affordable performance providers and the best systems to empower WordPress. This is the best choice for you if you search for multiple and advanced features for your website at affordable prices.

3- A2 Hosting

They have the best balanced hosting services, working the same as blue host but at very affordable prices. They have better speed optimization than blue host. If you need more running speed to run your website worldwide, you should choose A2 hosting as it is best in this.

These were the top competitors of a Blue host that gives them the most challenging time.

Final Verdict

Web host plays a vital role in running your business and enhancing the performance of your website. By choosing a good web hoster, you can easily promote your business in a short period. We hope our unbiased Bluehost review 2021 & details of the blue host will help you choose the best web hoster and plan for your website. Also, you can have a free trial of 30 days to see whether this web hoster is satisfying your need or not.