Career Advice 2021 – Best Ways to Secure Job in Dubai

Say no to unemployment and follow some essential tips in the right way to secure your dream job in Dubai.

The resume that got rejected.

The awaited second interview call never came.

The rejection call or email from your dream company hits you like a heartbreak.

No matter at what level of job search you are, not implementing the right strategy will lead you to rejection. And when you’re down, disappointment can quickly blow away your confidence. But thinking that you aren’t capable enough can rip of the future chances of success. So have you ever thought of why your resume is being ignored or why the call for a second interview delayed?

Are you stuck with the rejection rut and exhausted with job searching?

Don’t give up so soon. Just change the way you do your job search, and it will land you on your dream job. To help you kick start, we have gathered some of the best career advice for you that you can check out. So get in your comfy pants and bring your coffee mug along to read this in-depth information.

List of ways to secure a job in Dubai 2021

job in Dubai 2021

These are some of the best tried and tested ways, and if you practice them, you’ll straightaway pitch for the perfect job.

1. Be clear about your searches 

When it comes to a jobit is essential to be clear about the ideal position you’re searching for because these factors are crucial in terms of job satisfaction. You have to understand and plan what level of responsibility you are looking to handle? What are your salary expectations? What working hours would you be happy with? What company do you want to continue working with for the coming years? What Dubai jobs with visas you’re looking for? Also, what benefits are you willing to compromise with the job? Figuring out all this will help you search for the ideal and the best position for you. So we suggest you sit and brainstorm about your searches.

2. Modify your CV 

If you’re applying for a position with a company, submit your customized and updated version. Try to utilize the same keywords the employers have used to describe the opening of the job position. It would even be better if you use the same words as the employers have used to define the organization.

So if you haven’t updated or used any tending CV design or format, then we suggest you do so. It will help you get a quicker job response. Remember that the resume showcase your personality and skills, so make sure to have a well-formatted one.

Key Tips: Do not lie about your skill in the resume and avoid having grammatical issues and misspellings in it.

3. Tailor your cover letter for each opportunity 

Wondering whether a cover letter is important or not, the short and clear answer is yes. When applying for a job, it’s necessary to include a cover letter, even if it’s not mentioned or required by an employer.

Many people often hesitate and avoid including a cover letter, but it is necessary because it gives a chance to sell yourself to the employer in a well-defined and narrative form. It also helps to explain why you are an ideal and best-fit candidate. So make sure to always include a cover letter, but if you don’t know how to write, then given below are few tips that you can consider:

Tailor your cover letter for each opportunity
  1. Aim for a targeted cover letter
  2. Keep it short and precise
  3. Avoid repeating the resume
  4. Read edit error in your cover letter  

4. Prepare yourself for an interview

Another most important tip for a guaranteed job is to run through a few interview questions. Search for some sample interview questions and practice them. Remember that interviews help decide whether your ideal candidate or not. Its the first impression that you make with the receptionist and support staff, along with your nonverbal behaviors during the interview. Therefore practice having the quality of your interview question responses.

5. Stay proactive and follow up after every interview

The whole idea of staying proactive and following up is keeping your name on the top and in front of the hiring manager. It ensures the employer has all the information that is needed. Another best thing can be done by sending them a thank you letter shortly after the interview is done.

6. Build your reputation and network 

A successful job search doesn’t mean that you spend countless hours on Khaleej times or other UAE job sites. You need to build your reputation and complete your profile information on all social media sites that you use more frequently. Also, you can do a quick Google search on yourself to see where you stand and if there’s anything that needs to be removed or requires alterations, then just do it. In addition to this, you also need to build a strong network on LinkedIn because now all professional employers have a LinkedIn membership. It gives you another chance to connect with people on a professional level.

7. Download job apps for quick access 

Download job apps for quick access

If you really want a job in Dubai and want to get notified whenever a new job is posted, then it’s better to download job apps on your smartphone. However, now almost all job portals have their app working for both android and apple users. So this way, there shall be no delay in submitting your resume and cover letter, and also you can respond faster if you get a reply back.

8. Be more organized

When you are actively submitting your resumes, it gets hard to keep track of the vacancies in Dubai you’ve applied for; that is why it becomes quite crucial to stay more organized to avoid oneself from applying twice on the same job.

So it’s better to maintain a spreadsheet to record all the data such as job title, applied date, where you applied on, which portal or app you’ve used, also including all the details such as contact number and email address along with status. This will direct and guide you on which Dubai vacancies 2021, you need to follow up with if you haven’t received any callback or feedback.

9. Maintain a strong relationship with people 

While searching for jobs in Dubai, it’s also important to develop strong relationships with people who can guide and help you land your desired position. This can include people you meet on job interviews, recruiters, people in the same industry, etc. So, if you’ve missed or lost touch with people, then make sure to contact them again.

Tip: Don’t direct ask them about the job. Instead, send them a greeting note and then start off with a conversation

10. Search reputed job portal 

Finding and using the right reputed job portal is key to a dream job as there are plenty of jobs offered every second that can provide you with a fruitful Dubai career. But if you don’t know much about other leading job websites, then fret no more. We’ve done our complete research for you and have gathered the top-notch job sites in Dubai for freshers, engineers, doctors, etc. Given below is the list of job sites in the UAE that you can use to hunt out the opportunity you’ve always dreamed of.

Top best job sites in UAE 2021

Top best job sites in UAE 2021

Shared below are some of the leading and top-notch job sites in Dubai that you can check out that will help you find urgently job vacancies in Dubai:

1. LinkedIn


One of the best job hub application is LinkedIn. The website helps you to connect with millions of people on a professional level. It even helps candidates apply for a job, build a strong network, etc. LinkedIn also notifies you with every current job opening, you just have to do a specific job setting, and there you go.

2. Indeed UAE

Indeed UAE


Another most straightforward and easy to use job portal, where you can type in your job title, keywords, or company name in the search box, along with the location. It even allows you to create a resume that you can use to apply directly for a job.

3. Dubizzle


Next on the list of the leading job site is Dubizzle that allows more recruiters to post-application and job seekers to hunt jobs. It even provides easy access to all its options and services.

4. Monster gulf

Monster gulf

The monster gulf is also a popular job site in Dubai, where job seekers can build and improve their resumes. Once you’ve set up your resume, you can hit the notification option to get notified as soon as a job in Dubai meets your profile.

5. Gulf career talent

Gulf career talent

It’s one of the most comprehensive job portals in UAE, where all the latest jobs in Dubai are posted for people who are in search of their dream job. So if you haven’t created your resume on this platform, we suggest that you must.

6. Bayt UAE 

Bayt UAE

With thousands of jobs posted regularly, Bayt is also leading in the race of popular job boards. Here you can find all sorts of jobs in Dubai with salary. Note: just keep your resume updated so that you can quickly get notified of similar opportunities.

7. Naukrigulf


Naukrigulf also adds up-to-date jobs in dozens of categories, including engineering, education, finance, healthcare, and much more. Signing up for an account with your email will help you get alerts through email notifications.

8. Gulf talent

Gulf talent

Another most straightforward and easy to use job portal, where you can type in your job title, keywords, or company name in the search box, along with the location. It even allows you to create a resume that you can use to apply directly for a job.

9. Laimoon



Laimoon is also a trusted platform that helps you apply for roles. Simply create your log in and complete your profile, and you’ll get access to all open positions by job title, location, and time commitment (full-time, part-time, internship, etc.

Those mentioned above are the best and top leading job hunting sites in the UAE. Apart from these, other popular sites are Khaleej times also you can find a job in Dubai, or any other emirates are Akhtaboot. So if you’re planning to move to Dubai or planning to switch careers, then these sites will help you get your ideal job.

Final Wrap Up

Searching and securing a dream job in Dubai that matches your skills can be pretty challenging and can take a lot of time and effort. But if you put in your 100% in hunting job and applying the correct methods, hopefully, you’ll nail a perfect job for yourself. Just follow the tips in the article, and it will help you lay the foundation for the work you need to accomplish success in your job search. We hope that the above-mentioned advice has proven beneficial and helpful to you

Best of luck in securing a great new job yourself. !