Data Scientist And Engineer Comparison – Jobs In Dubai

Data scientists and Data Engineers have become an apple of the eye for companies that store, organize, collect and deal with raw data.

Not just in America, data scientists and engineers are high in demand and are needed throughout the world. But the question arises, what companies are seeking from data scientists and engineers when they need one of them in their organization.

  • How to extract the exact data from multiple resources?
  • How to overcome business challenges?
  • Latest trends that bring forward problems and opportunities.

We believe so. But when we talk about the scientist and engineers, it comes down to experience, scope, and relevance.

Just in case if you don’t know then data scientists and engineers are typically found in these organizations.

  • Banks
  • Manufacturers
  • Airline
  • Large retailers
  • Google & Facebook companies
  • Research institution
  • Universities, etc.

But when it comes to persuading a career as a data scientist and data engineer in UAE, it can be challenging because of the competitive market. Many of us know that Dubai Market is booming, and finding a job in Dubai is difficult. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

According to the research held by Glassdoor in 2018-19 and 2020 proved that Data scientists and engineers’ job openings topped the list of best jobs in America.

All this was because of the following reasons.

  • Job satisfaction: 4.4/5*
  • Job Openings: 4,184
  • Medium Base Salary: $110K
  • Total Job Score: 4.8/5

So are you a data scientist or data engineer and planning to start a career in Dubai, but don’t know much about it. Fret not, we’ll explain everything. Let’s uncover this mystery and see the data engineer and data scientist jobs Dubai, salary, scope, and skills.

What role does data scientists and engineers have in an organization?

Data Scientist and Data Engineer jobs in dubai

Data is collected by every organization now. There is not even a single company that does not maintain data. All over the world, companies are figuring out ways to organize and secure data to meet their goals. So do you want to know what responsibilities do data scientists and engineers perform? Then keep reading.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a person who can work with diverse domains. She/he is the one who can identify the problem statement, important objectives of a project and highlights business goals. They are needed by an organization to classify patterns and trends by making use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and making accurate predictions after reviewing the data. Thus, big companies only hire people who have a strong background and knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statics, and data engineering.

Data Engineer

The data engineers are hired by an organization to manage the database daily. They are responsible for the security of the organized data and keeping it up to date. Therefore, expert data engineers must have the best knowledge of the backup procedures, traditional rational databases. Plus, expertise in recovery from a disaster and how to use reporting tools. They are also responsible for the maintenance of scalable data pipelines and development. Also knows how to build APIs to support the data repositories.

Other than this, other skills required by these scientists and engineers are:

  • Teamwork skills
  • Communication skills
  • Innovative and critical thinking
  • Observation skills, etc.

Furthermore, the responsibilities handled by both on daily basis are given below via image.

 Data Scientist and Data Engineers resposnsibilities

What is the future scope of data scientists’ jobs in Dubai, UAE for freshers or experts?

Dubai is a country where millions of tourists visit each year and millions of people live and work there. Thus the availability of job openings and demand for data scientists and engineers is comparatively high in UAE. In concise to this, UAE is continuously transforming itself for the future. Plus, these changes are happening in the government as well as private sectors like:

  • Media
  • Telecom
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • IT Companies, etc.

So it would be wrong to deny that it isn’t a booming field. In fact, data science is a booming field and is surging faster in UAE, than you can think. And already new graduates are persuading their career in data science to build a successful career in this field. So if you still have any doubts, then clear them, as you shall be seeing more UAE youth entering the field of data science and engineering in the coming years.

What is the salary package of data scientists and engineers in Dubai?

We must know that data scientists and engineering are highly paid professionals and their salary package ranges more than other professionals.

Research held by Glassdoor in 2019 showed that the average salary of data engineers was approx. $102,864 and even greater depending on the experience they had and their position in the organization. Whereas data scientists were also paid $113, 309 per year. Besides this, the low range started from approximately $83,000 to a high of roughly $154,000.

So if you wondering about the data scientist vs. data engineer salary Dubai, UAE, then let us guide you it depends on whether a person is working in a government or semi-government organization. However, still, the average package starts from 11,800k to 30k and ranges high depending on the year of experience and position.

data scientist and engineer salary package

A few more words……!!

Should a person persuade a career in data science or not?

Yes, definitely if you think that you are good at handling & processing data, constructing systems and wish to earn a good salary package, then it’s a good career to persuade. But whether to become a data scientist or not entirely depend on you. So before jumping to conclusions, do your researches beforehand and choose the best university to study and company for data engineer or data scientist jobs in UAE with a salary that can help you achieve your dream.


1 – Can you find junior data scientist jobs in Dubai?

Yes, you can easily find it. All you have to do is search on all job portals.

2 – Can you switch data engineer jobs in UAE?

Yes, you can switch your job. But you will have to follow certain official procedures to get rid of your old job.

3 – Can I use LinkedIn to find data scientist jobs in Dubai?

Yes, you can. Besides this, you can use indeed, Glassdoor, Bayt, Laimoon, Monstergulf, Naukrigulf, etc.