Deep Dive Dubai: The Deepest Pool, Opened In Dubai

Dubai has always been in the limelight for its breathtaking architectural buildings, aesthetic lifestyle, heritage, and much more.

Whether it’s Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Mega Malls (like Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, etc.), UAE Museum of the Future, or any other. It has always managed to pull off Genius World Record under its name.

Wait! It’s not all.

After launching such remarkable projects on the international level. Dubai has yet made another Genius World Record by constructing the world’s deepest swimming pool “Deep Dive Dubai” located at NAS Sports Complex – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Quite exciting right. So do you want to learn more about this out-of-the-world megaproject?

Don’t Fret! We’ve compiled all the information you for. Scroll down to read more.

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Deep Dive Dubai Opened By Hamdan Bin Mohammad

Deep Dive Dubai Opened by Hamdan Bin Mohammad

For instance, if you don’t know, then let us enhance your knowledge. This world’s largest diving pool was opened by Hamdan Bin Mohammad.

He was accompanied at the deep dive opening by Ahmed Bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Media Council.

At the opening of

deep dive dubai


deep dive dubai

In concise to this

deep dive dubai

Deep Dive Dubai Depth, Construction

deep dive dubai

The deep dive has a shape of a giant oyster in a nod to the UAE’s pearl-diving heritage. The depth of this massive Deep Dive Dubai pool is 60.02 m (196 ft 10 in). Furthermore, it holds 14 million liters of water, which is almost equal to 6 Olympic- sized swimming pools.

The mega project incorporates an entire suburb. Moreover, it even includes:

  1. Full of Faux abandoned apartments
  2. A waterlogged library of sunken tomes
  3. Dazzling street graffiti
  4. Ride a stationary bike
  5. Vintage video games
  6. Foosball table
  7. Garages
  8. A convertible car, etc.

Besides all these jaw-dropping amusements, the pool also has 2 underwater habitats that are completely dry. Along with 56 underwater cameras, 140 ambient and way-finding lights covering all corners of the pool. Plus an underwater sound and sound lighting system.

deep dive dubai

The pool pumps in clean water. The water is filtered and circulated every 6 hours and the temperature is maintained at 30 degrees C.

It’s so more than a pool. In reality, it’s like discovering a sunken city. It even has a diversity of large viewing windows. So the drivers and non-drivers can interact and share this mesmerizing experience of this remarkable facility.

Also, Deep Dive Dubai hosts a team of international diving professionals. Moreover, it is guided by the best stringent safety measures in the diving industry. It’s even supported by the supreme modern facilities, equipment, and technology.

So whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced individual, it also offers courses for all abilities. Plus, with the course, drivers can also get a chance to get hands-on scuba diving and free diving certifications.

Thumps up” From Actor Will Smith To Deep Dive Dubai

A-List celebrity, actor Will Smith, gave a quick sneak peek of this deepest swimming pool in this recent Instagram post. He shared his experience via a snippet.

In which he wrote “This gives new meaning to the deep end of the pool! “

Will Smith at Deep Dive Dubai

Besides in this post, it is seen that he is wearing underwater scuba gear in the pool.

A Unique Diving Experience At Deep Dive Dubai

At Deep Dive, the experience and courses are offered in three categories:

Deep Dive Dubai

1. Discover

Whether you want to experience a single dive or want to certify as a diver, you can easily do it at Deep Dive. In this category, you can discover snorkeling. Wondering what this includes, then lets us guide you.

What is included in this category?

  1. All the necessary diving equipment are needed
  2. Your family and friends can watch you through windows and monitors.

So if you enjoy this and want more fun and thrill, then you can also go Scuba diving. But if you’re questioning yourself about scuba experience. Let us inform you that no scuba diving experience is required for this. Just remember to carry your confirmation and equipment.

Besides, in this category, you can further also go for free diving and PADI open water driver course.

2. Dive

Likewise, if you’re a certified diver, but due to weather conditions or any other reasons you’ve canceled your dives. Don’t worry about deep dive Dubai, you can get the perfect dive for 365 days of the year. In this category, you can experience the following:

  1. Scuba Dive
  2. Free dive

In both these dives, you get a professional dive guide, who will ensure your safety and will show you around before you head out to explore everything on your own that.

Things you need are:

  1. Confirmation
  2. Certification and proof of experience
  3. Dive Equipment
  4. Lastly, the passion and thrill of adventure
deep dive dubai

3. Discover

Since we’ve already mentioned that Deep Dive Dubai has some best certified and well-trained drivers. So you want to have to worry about your training. Whether you wish to go for entry-level courses or instruction-level certification you can easily get it at Deep Dive.

In concise to this, if you want training in Scuba or Free dive. All you need are as follows:

Things you need are:

  1. Equipment
  2. Confirmation documents
  3. Pair of slippers and swimwear
  4. Sense of thrill and adventure

Additional Information On Deep Dive Dubai

deep dive dubai

Here are some of the extra information that might be handy for you, if you plan to have this deep dive experience:

The Deep Dive Dubai price is: A 1-hour cost of dive is between $135 and $410

The Deep Dive location is: Deep Dive Dubai, NAD Al Sheba 1, Dubai, UAE

The Deep Dive Dubai website is:

The Deep Dive Dubai ticket is: Visit the website

Our Final Verdict

We assure you, Deep Dive Dubai is going to be an exciting and thrilling experience. Because of its unique adventure opportunities. It’s not all this, the pool is also available for facility rental and events. So if you want to have a dynamic media screening, commercial product launch, seminar, or any other house event, you can book and use this pool for your event. it shall be the best proven technique. Isn’t that fabulous?