Depression Hacks For Working Moms To Lighten Their Day

Depression is a condition that can affect anyone. No matter even if the person is living a relatedly ideal happy life.

According to research, it has been proven that women suffer more from depression as compared to men. About 80% to 90% of women with depression respond well to treatment. And almost all patients gain relief from their treatments and symptoms.

So do you want to learn why women are affected more let’s dig in and learn more about this

Why women suffer more from depression?

Women who are working moms suffer more from depression because they work tirelessly managing the house and work alongside. They tend to prioritize work above their personal needs. They use most of their time completing their pending office work or managing the household chores, draining their energy and leaving themselves exhausted. It is amongst those main reasons that have affected working moms more with depression.

Initial Signs Or Symptoms Of Depression In Working Moms 

If you are a mom and that too a working one, it might be worrisome at times as your health can go under detrition without you realizing it. It would be best to look at the early signs of depression as they are usually masked with typical symptoms.  

 Ways Which Can Help Overcome Depression

The initial signs of depression may include:

  • Exhaustion.Isolation or keeping oneself away from others.
  • Escape from the current situation.
  • Fantasies of setting yourself free.
  • Irritability is caused by trivial tasks.

If you’re a working mother dealing with depression, then here are some of the best depression hacks that you can consider. 

Depression Hacks #1: Talk To A Friend

There are times when you are not depressed but at the initial stages, which can be overcome by taking your heart out to a friend or someone close to whom you can share your feelings. You can arrange a small meeting near a park to get relaxed.

Talk To A Friend

Depression Hacks #2: Learn To Say No

Don’t burden yourself with the workload. Try to keep things in order and arranged patterns. If you feel like someone or something is pressurizing you to exceed your limits, leading to an exhaustive stage, kindly avoid it. Or say that they are not willing to do it as for the starters.

Depression Hacks #3: Discuss Issues With Your Colleagues

Office lives are tough for anyone as the pressure build on employees at the workplace can be devastating. Whereas the impact of it is ten times worse on the working moms as they are already managing things and working double the shifts by being at the office and home.


They are beings who become sensitive enough to handle the situations at these chaotic times. Whereas putting overburden and pressure on colleagues, managers, or fellow employees is expected in a workplace. If you are a working mother and there is a certain pressure being put upon you by your office mates, try to confront. 


Tell them in the very beginning that it is the same thing that has been bothering you from the start. Try to come on the common grounds with the discussion to make yourself peaceful and calm.

Depression Hacks #4: Take Care Of Yourself

Another best depression hack is to concern oneself in tough situations. No matter how important your work is or how much you want to buy those curtains for the dining area, remember to keep your health a priority and above everything. If you will not take care of yourself, how would you expect to take care of things associated with you?

Depression Hacks #5: Exercise

Exercise in the daily routine is highly recommended by doctors. It is not only beneficial for your physical appearance, but it is highly required by mental growth as well. Try taking out time for yourself and your daily workout rituals. They can be as easy as stretching or just as quick as mini-workouts, but their results are commendable. It helps in circulating blood through the body and keeping your mind much active. Its purpose is to get your body and mind aligned, and you can overcome your negative thought processes. So if you haven’t included this depression hack in your routine, then we suggest you do so.   

Depression Hacks Exercise

Depression Hacks #6: Eat A Balanced Diet

Eating can indeed create an impact on how the body will react. If you are going through any emotional levels that seem to be slightly off the chart, try to make amendments to your diet. Try to take meals that are rich in Omega 3 as it is a natural antidepressant. Meals that contain omega 3 are nuts, including almonds, walnuts, or others. Also, take dark chocolate as a snack as it helps in curing your mood swings and overcoming depressive thoughts.

Depression Hacks #7: Practice Good Sleep Habits

Sleeping is a dream of the woman when she becomes a mother. Her child’s noises and the need to make them representable have a sure shot effect on the sleep cycle. There seems to be no balance left when the mother starts to work. The sleepless nights seem to make a more significant impact on the eating or mental health


For anybody, sleep can be hard to have if you are a mom who works but try to take an excellent eight-hour sleep recommended by the doctors. Rest is required by your body to overcome the issues happening within and resolving them naturally. It makes your brain process things usually and sets your heart in a much relaxing state.

Depression Hacks #8: Bake Something

Try your hands at baking on the weekend. The warmth of the baking smell spread around the house can surely make anyone be tempted, and it can give you winter Christmas vibes. While your children get busy with the food, you can sit and relax while eating, cooking, and having a warm cup of your desired tea or coffee. 

Depression Hacks #9: Take A Bubble Bath

One of the best depression hacks is bubble bathing. Try to take out few hours from your busy day and give a go to making yourself feel pampered. Try to light few scented candles around, fill up your bathtub with water and bath bomb, and lay down in the tub to relax.

Take A Bubble Bath

Depression Hacks #10: Divide Your Work Accordingly

Try to divide your office work and household work. Avoiding mixing them all up, or else you’ll make yourself overburden. Try making arrangements in such ways that you can cope with both things hand in hand and take out time for yourself. Because burning out in between and keeping both the situations working can cause a highly negative impact on your brain.

Depression Hacks #11: Space To Align Your Mood

Try to vibe out from your workspace. Try to change the color of the wall or remove a thing or two that trigger your mood swings. Besides, you can also add something that can make your mood rise instantly or make you relax by only looking at it. 

Depression Hacks #12: Ask For Help When You Need It Or Better Reach Out

When you are tired to the point that you can tick off almost all the marks of being depressive, try to discuss with your immediate family or friends that you know might be of much help in this particular cause, and with the discussion being done, try to make the possible way out of it.

Ask For Help When You Need It Or Better Reach Out

Depression Hacks #13: Make Sure You’re Treating Depression Effectively

When you have tried everything discussed above and still fail to find out the reason to overcome your depressive episodes try checking if you have been treating it well enough.


Try to consult a doctor in case. He might suggest medicines such as:


1. Sertraline (Zoloft), 

2. Fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem), 

3. Citalopram (Celexa), 

4. Escitalopram (Lexapro), 

5. Paroxetine (Paxil, Pexeva, Brisdelle), 

6. Fluvoxamine (Luvox). 


Note: These medicines listed are just for reference purposes. Please concern the doctor before any action.


However, you can take medicines according to your prescription but keep in mind that depression cannot be cured in a day. It requires days and even weeks to show its actual action finally. Till then, you must continue having it, and along with it, try to keep yourself hydrated and do workouts or exercise so that your blood circulation is up to the mark.

The Final Wrap Up 

Just in case if you are experiencing depression symptoms that include depressed mood, feeling sad, or loss of interest. Then we suggest you concern a doctor. Plus, you can also practice the above-mentioned depression hacks if you think you’re at an initial level of it. 

Note: Avoid taking this condition so lightly, as it may even cause severe drawbacks to your mental health.