Top Social Media Dubai Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Looking for top Dubai influencers on Instagram to follow in 2021. Don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered. We gathered all the famous bloggers from travel to food to lifestyle to fashion in this article.

These influencers are putting all their efforts to bring out the best entertaining content for you. So that you can enjoy and show your love via likes, shares, and comments.

So in case, if you missed out on any of these Dubai influencers, then check them out below.

Best UAE Influencers List Is Shared Below

Here are some of the best influencers living in Dubai, United Arab Emirate1, s.

1. Khalid Al Ameri

  • Followers: 1.7M
  • Email:
  • Facebook:

One of the best and known amongst the top Dubai influencers. He is a husband, a father of two handsome boys. Khalid is very well known for making videos about his life in the Middle East and how tough it has to be. The best part is that he’s a verified influencer in Dubai. You can follow him and his wife on both social media platforms.

dubai influencers 2021

2. Huda Kattan

  • Followers: 49.4M
  • Youtube Channel: 4.15M Subscribers
  • Founder of @wishfulskin

Huda is amongst the famous beauty bloggers in Dubai. She is an expert makeup artist. Huda has even launched her makeup line and her products are not tested on animals, which makes her products even more worth purchasing. All her Instagram posts are super inspiring and more about how to apply makeup. You can follow her on youtube also if you wish to learn more about makeup in depth.

beauty bloggers in dubai

3. Abdulaziz Baz

  • Followers: 5M
  • Email:
  • Search by: @bin_baz
  • Youtube: 648K Subscribers

Abdulaziz is also amongst the top Dubai influencers 2021. Bin Baz is known for his comedy videos. Plus, he’s also a model. Most of his post on Instagram is about pranks that he had performed on his family and friends. So if you want to watch these hilarious clips about life in the emirates then you can follow him on Instagram.

top dubai instagram influencers

4. Mohamed Beiraghdary, Aka Movlogs

  • Followers: 3.9 M
  • Snapchat: Mohamedoo
  • Email:
  • Youtube: 10.8+ M subscribers

Another finest UAE influencer Instagram. He is a video creator. Most of his Instagram posts are with his sister and mother. His post reflects his lavish lifestyle in Dubai. So if you want to get a glimpse of this Dubai influencers’ lifestyle you can follow him on Instagram and youtube.

uae influencer instagram

5. Lana Rose

  • Followers: 3.5M
  • Email:
  • Snapchat: lana.rose786
  • Facebook:
  • Youtube: 2.42M Subscribers

Lana is a versatile, fashionable social media influencer in Dubai. She is an artist. She has recently launched her new song on youtube. If you have any questions or wish to collaborate with her on a professional level, you can email her on her official email mentioned above.

social media influencer in dubai

6. Kareem Afghani

  • Followers: 139k
  • Tiktok: Mr_Kareem 700K

Kareem is also amongst the influencers in Dubai. He is an actor, model, and fashion influencer. You can DM him for paid promotions. All his Instagram post reflects his life in Dubai. He also shares his videos on Youtube, in case if you want to watch him. So follow him and be a part of his incredible journey.

7. Christina Ayaad

  • Followers: 121K
  • Email:

Christina is a TV presenter, a marketer and amongst the best Dubai influencers or you may call blogger. She even runs her youtube channel all her Instagram post reflects her mesmerizing beauty and fashionable attires. Trust us, the looks and positivity that reflects in her pictures will make you fall in love with her.

8. Tina

  • Followers: 592K Search Name: @itstinaas
  • Email:
  • Accounts she handles: @tinifood & @allabouttinaaaaa

Tina is an amazing Dubai fashion bloggers Instagram. Her posts reflect her unique style and outfits. You can also watch makeup tutorials on her Instagram post. She is even engagement, you can check out her engagement stories.

top dubai bloggers

9. Zoe Witherspoon

  • Followers: 37.4K
  • Email:
  • Website:

Zoe is a London girl living in Dubai. She is a Dubai lifestyle blogger. Her post showcases her exclusive and latest fashionable outfits and street style. So If you’re looking for outfit ideas, then you must follow her. You can even DM or email her for paid promotions.

dubai lifestyle blogger

10. Aaradhya Sankhe

  • Followers: 20.6K
  • TikTok: @aradhiyasankhe
  • Managed by @_un_veil

Aaradhya is an Indian bloggers in Dubai. She is also a fashion influencer. She’s even a dancer. You can DM her for shoots and collaborations. So if you haven’t followed this beauty blogger, then you must.

influencers in dubai

11. Priti Goundar

  • Followers: 21.2K
  • Ambassador: @rightbite

Priti is also a top Dubai Instagram influencers from Sydney, Australia. She is also travel, fashion, beauty, and food blogger. Priti’s even Emirates cabin crew. She’s being too many countries as a cabin crew. All her posts reflect her beauty, highlife.

Australian bloggers in dubai

12. Mamta Sachdeva

  • Followers: 88.3K
  • Youtube: 1M+ Subscribers

Mamta is also amongst the top Dubai bloggers. She has got Film fare Award Dubai. Her post reflects foods, hotels, shopping. Lifestyle. Travel and reviews. You can DM or Email her for collaborations. To know more about these Dubai influencers you can visit your Instagram profile.

indian bloggers in dubai

13. Mohz Khan

  • Followers: 5841

Mohz khan is amongst the active Dubai food bloggers in Dubai. His motto is to create what you love. He also runs his youtube channel, where we share all these food-related videos. So if you wish to know about classic and tasty food and restaurants in Dubai, where you can your friends can visit. Then, you must follow him on Instagram.

top dubai instagram influencers

14. Diane Patierno

  • Followers: 10.4 K
  • Website:

She is an emirates cabin crew and has visited many amazing countries. So it won’t be wrong to add her to the list of Dubai travel bloggers. Diane is even an actress, model, presenter, and performer.

dubai travel bloggers

15. Divya Upadhayay

  • Followers: 13.3K
  • Search By: @lets_dtalks

Divya is also an active Dubai bloggers Instagram. Her post is super inspiring. You can also see her family in a few of her posts. You can also watch her creative videos on Instagram. She believes that a good life is a collection of happy moments.

dubai fashion bloggers instagram

16. Katerina_sl

Katerina is also amongst the dedicated fashion, lifestyle, travel Dubai influencers. She’s even a sport enthusiastic person. You can see her high life in her posts on Instagram.

17. Manalmuffin

  • Instagram followers: 700k
  • Email:

She is a verified Dubai influencer. Manal is known for her mind-blowing beauty and fashion. She is a part of @filmfareme and has even won an award of a beauty queen in her blogger’s journey.

dubai bloggers instagram

18. Juliaa_aks

  • Instagram followers: 10.4k
  • Flight attendant
  • Russian- Based in Dubai, UAE

Julia has visited more than 30+ countries in their life. She has approx. 25k followers on Tiktok. So if you want to watch her fantastic videos, you can follow her on Tiktok. Do show her love via, likes, shares, and comments.

dubai bloggers

19. Fatimaalhenyami

  • Instagram followers: 83.5k

Fatima is Zayed’s daughter. She loves karate and is also a black belt achiever. Plus, she has also won a blue belt in jiu-jitsu. She has also traveled to a number of countries in her life.

 bloggers instagram

20. Noor Star

  • Instagram followers: 11.4 M
  • Email:

Another verified influencer on Instagram. She also manages her YouTube channel. You can watch her videos daily on YouTube. You can have queries and questions regarding anything or for business collaborations you can email her on the email provided above.

dubai instagram bloggers

Our Final Verdict

However, there are many influencers in Dubai that you can find on Instagram. These influencers are worth following on youtube and other social media platforms. So if you want to be one of them, then pick a niche that reflects your personality and passion a start off. Trust us, you don’t require a degree to be a successful blogger. But yes you do require a blogger’s license in Dubai. To learn more you can search out on GOOGLE.