Expo 2020 Dubai – The World Largest Exhibition

We all are familiar with the world’s largest mega-events like Olympics Games, FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup, and many more. And have seen countries hosting these events with full enthusiasm and excellence. 

Just like these events, World Expo is also considered to be one of the mega-event. This event was first held in London in 1851. 

Since then, it became a mega international festival and a great platform where people from around the world came together and connected. They managed to share their ideas, learn and innovate. 

And so the whole concept of this World Expo (Great Exhibition) became so popular that it was repeated globally, showcasing eye-catching attraction and creating a record of world-class legacies.

So do you want to know more about Expo and which country is hosting this world great expo exhibition and when? Then stay with us, we will guide you about everything. We have gathered all the insight of Expo for you in this article.

So without wasting time, just scroll down to learn more.

Who is hosting “World EXPO” and when? 

Though, the World Expo is organized every 5 years and lasts for six months. But, this time World Expo is going to be held in Dubai this year. However, it was supposed to happen in 2020. But due to Covid, high authorities of Dubai Expo 2020 cancelled the whole event.

Since now, the situation of the whole pandemic has been under control. Thus, this Expo 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates exhibition is going to be hosted in 2021 October. In concise to this, the actual expo 2020 dates and timing are from 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022. Besides the site, opening hours are 9 am -1 am weekdays, and 10 am to 2 am weekends and special days. To stay updated with all the latest happenings you can follow Expo 2020 on social media platforms

World EXPO 2020 Dubai

When and how did Dubai win the Expo 2020?

During the General Assembly of the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) on November 27, 2013, Dubai was elected to host world expo 2020. Dubai managed to score 116 votes and won from his contestant Yekaterinburg in Russia. It was the result of the voting of the 164 nation members.

What is Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE all about? 

Expo 2020 UAE is going to be a mega celebration of Human achievements and brilliance. It will create opportunities for people to experience and celebrate charismatic culture. Engaging art, geography, captivating science & technology. Innovation and invention, ideas that will leave an enduring effect on one’s life. 

Since we all know that throughout its history, UAE has always managed to surprise us beyond our expectations by its remarkable developments. Thus, from this Expo 2020 UAE, we can expect a step further in inspiring the next generation to bring to light the innovation that will highlight the next 50 years of human progress. 

Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets, Theme, Passport, & Metro 

You can find three types of passes for Expo 2020. One is the daily pass, the second is monthly, and the third is the seasonal pass. 

  • The cost of a daily pass is 95 AED. (Note: The price mentioned here is to give you a rough amount). It is applicable for one day. 
  • The monthly pass offers you 30 days, and its cost is AED 195.
  • The seasonal pass offers unrestricted entry for the entire six months of the Expo 202O Dubai. And it costs AED 495 only. 

Whereas free entry is available for kids under the age of 18, students and visitors aged 60 and above. Furthermore, Expo 2020 Dubai tickets are on sale worldwide at expo2020dubai.com. 

Expo 2020 Theme

The Expo 2020 logo and theme is based on “Connecting Minds, Creating the future.” It is found that the Expo 2020 Dubai will also be having three sub-themes.

  1. Opportunity (Designed by AGI Architects)
  2. Mobility (Designed by Foster and Partners)
  3. Sustainability (Designed by Grim Shaw Architects) 

Each of these themes will be having its pavilion. These pavilions are now open for their beloved visitors. 

Expo 2020 Passport

Expo 2020 Passport

In case if you don’t know, then let us guide you that Expo 2020 Dubai is its passport too. This Expo 2020 Dubai passport is in vibrant yellow colour and is available for purchase at the price of AED 20. You can get it from all its official stores located across the expo site. This will help visitors to explore as many pavilions as they want during this 182 days event. It mimics a real passport with the following details, which includes: 

  1. A unique number
  2. An Area for passport-sized photo
  3. Details of a person 
  4. Hidden watermarked images featuring on each page. 

This passport is made to celebrate the UAE’s Golden Jubilee year. It even has a special page featuring a stamp in gold foil. Besides, it also has a photograph of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. (The nation’s father) taken in 1971. 

Expo 2020 Dubai Metro 

The Dubai Metro’s Expo 2020 is now open for visitors. You can easily travel from Al Rashidiya to Expo 2020 site on the Dubai metro in 74 minutes. 

Expo 2020 Dubai Metro 

Expo 2020 Projects 

In addition to this, here are some of the projects of expo 2020 that you can also check out. 

  1. Deira Island 
  2. Museum of the future 
  3. Al Wasl Plaza
  4. Aladdin City 
  5. Jewel of the Creek 
  6. Dubai Frame
  7. Dubai Water Canal Project

The Best EXPO 2020 Pavilions

There are 190 countries’ pavilions taking part in Expo 2020 to wow its visitors. It means a vast range of opportunities and mind-blowing projects. 

The Best EXPO 2020 Pavilions

List of Pavilions of Expo 2020 in Dubai

As mentioned above, there are three sub-theme, opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. Given below is the list of countries featuring these themes. 


  • United Arab Emirates
  • China 
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Bahrain
  • Austria 
  • Colombia 
  • Japan
  • Italy 
  • Indonesia 


  • Australia 
  • Belgium 
  • France
  • Hungary 
  • Russia 
  • Poland 
  • Ireland
  • Iran 
  • Tanzania 
  • Korea 


  • Spain 
  • Sweden 
  • Brazil 
  • Canada 
  • Germany 
  • Cuba 
  • Malaysia 
  • New Zealand 
  • Singapore 
  • Romania

Which counties pavilion can you find at expo 2020?

Apart from the list mentioned above, you can also find these countries pavilions:

  1. India Pavilion Expo 2020 
  2. USA Pavilion, Expo 2020
  3. Pakistan Pavilion Expo 2020 
  4. Italy Pavilion Expo 2020 (Italian Expo 2020)
  5. Portugal Pavilion Expo 2020
  6. Turkmenistan Pavilion Expo 2020
  7. Kazakhstan Pavilion Expo 2020
  8. Expo 2020 Luxembourg Pavilion
  9. Saudi Arabia Pavilion (Expo 2020 KSA Pavilion)
  10. UAE Pavilion Expo 2020
  11. Expo 2020 Egypt Pavilion

Interesting Facts About Expo 2020 Dubai

Interesting Facts About Expo 2020 Dubai

Here are some of the interesting facts that you can check out. 

  1. It will be held first in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region.
  2. It is supposed to cover 438 hectares in total 
  3. Not only that, but it is much taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  4. The UAE pavilion is a falcon in flight shape and is also the biggest pavilion. 
  5. You can find three main gateways to enter different theme districts.
  6. Around the pavilion, a track of 300 meters track takes place. 
  7. You can find robots, self-driving vehicles, and jetpacks.
  8. It even has two parks: Al Forsan and Jubilee 
  9. The visitors will be assisted by more than 30,000 volunteers, emirates, and residents. 
  10. You can also enjoy 2 hours performance in English
  11. In the Firdaus Women’s Orchestra, Oscar winner AR Rahman will be the mentor musician. 
  12. You can find a musical project called Firdaus in Expo 2020.
  13. Masks are mandatory on the Expo site. 

Latest Expo2020 Dubai Jobs UAE 2021

Want to know which positions job opportunities shall be opening? Then given is the list of expo 2020 careers that you can consider. 

  1. Assistance Manager –Internal Communication 
  2. Manager Communication 
  3. Assistant Manager 
  4. Sr Mgr. Innovation Ecosystem and scale2Dubai 
  5. Manager –Exhibition
  6. Lead Zone Security Manager 
  7. Zone Security Manager 
  8. Senior Analyst Research 
  9. Team Coordinator (UAE Nationals)
  10. Production manager 

These are just a few. However, there are many more openings. To find out more, jobs in Dubai you can explore different job portals.

What changes will take place in Dubai after the 2020 expo?

Dubai will see massive growth in its businesses, transport, logistics, travel & tourism, real estate, and education which means 0% of poverty in Dubai. About 80% of the Expo site will be reused.

The sustainability pavilion is expected to become Terra, the children’s and science center, after Expo 2020. Besides this, the UAE pavilion will be managed by high government authorities. Lastly, District 2020 will still possess the assets of the Expo.

Our Final Verdict 

So if you want to be a part of this Expo 2020 and want to explore different pavilions, then we recommend you to take a visit to Dubai and this fantastic location. To book Expo 2020 UAE tickets, you can visit the official site. Besides this, don’t forget to explore 45 water fountains (also known as Sabeel’s). Plus, at these fountains, you can also access potable water. So hurry up, book your tickets now and visit the site before the tickets wipe out.