Facts About Emiratis You Probably Didn’t Know

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates are called Emiratis. The largest population of Emiratis locate in the UAE.

Wondering how many Emirates there are?

Then let us tell you, there are approx—1 million Emiratis living in the UAE.

If you want to study the Emiratis culture and wish to learn more about Emiratis facts, you need to scroll through this article.

You’ll discover everything from Emiratis education, food, dining, trade, and much more.

So get hands-on with your coffee mug and dive into these mind captivating facts about Emiratis.

Some Interesting Facts About Emiratis

1. Emiratis Healthcare

Emiratis Healthcare

Most people assume that Emiratis get free healthcare anywhere they go. But let us burst this myth of yours. They do not get free healthcare. However, instead, they get insurance.

They pay to see the doctors, and their insurance covers 90% of their bills. Though, which only applies to private hospitals/ clinics.


2. Emirati Houses

Emirati Houses

Emiratis living in the UAE don’t get free houses. Instead, they get free land or housing loan from the government. They pay to build the house on the piece of land they get. Whereas some Emiratis working in the government sector do get a free house. But that certainly depends on their years of service and their job designation.

3. Emiratis Supremacy

Emiratis Supremacy

Not all Emiratis can deport anyone. Only Emiratis with high command and power authority can do this. At the same time, the local Emiratis cannot do that.

4. Emirati Education

Emirati Education

Local Emiratis living in the United Arab Emirates attend government institutes free of charge. They have government schools and government universities that are for free. But studying there is optional for Emiratis.

At the same time, half of Emiratis study with the government institutes, and the other half of the Emiratis who don’t wish to study in these government institutes pay to go to private colleges. Furthermore, few prefer studying abroad that include countries like London, Canada, Australia, etc.

5. Emirati Trade


Emirate can trade a Royce for a Nissan Patrol. However, this is somewhat true as well as false. It can only be done by Emiratis holding high charge in the government sector or be a millionaire.

6. Emirati Females

Emirati Females

Another myth about Emirati Women is that they don’t have any rights and aren’t allowed to get an education. Whereas let us clear this, all Emirati women are highly educated and have all the rights to work. Many Emirati Women are working in the government sector and enjoy full rights.

7. Emirati Marriage

Emirati Marriage

All Emirati men have more than one wife, and this statement is false. Many of the Emirati men that are married are still committed to one wife and lead a happy and peaceful life. However, there are few who have more than one wife. In comparison, most Emirati men are not yet married.

8. Emiratis Salary

Emiratis Salary

Local Emiratis do not get a salary for doing anything. All Emirati have to work, either have their successful business established or are working. Only the retired Emirati that has been serving roles that deducting 5% pension for 20+ years are only eligible for the retirement salary. However, this condition applies at the age of 49 and above.

9. Emiratis Status

Emiratis Status

Not all Emirati are rich. Many of them are wealthy millionaires and have a well-running business. The richer Emiratis mainly reside in areas of Sharjah Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Ras AL Khaimah, and Fujairah.

10. Emiratis Discount

Emiratis Discount

Emiratis do not get discounts anywhere they go. They usually get discounts from Esaad and Fazaa privilege cards. But this can only work in a few places. Many ex-pats also have this card provided from their workplace.

11. Emiratis Own Animals

Emiratis Own Animals

A few of the Emiratis own tigers and other animals. In contrast, not all Emiratis own camels, tigers, and birds.

12. Emiratis Dinning

Emiratis Dinning

All Emiratis own dining chairs and tables. However, on a special occasion, they prefer sitting on the ground for a feast with their fellow beings.

13. Emirati Kandoras

Emirati Kandoras

In UAE, you’ll see many Emiratis wearing different color Kandoras. The white Kandoras are worn anywhere and anytime, whereas the black, grey, and other colored Kandoras are often worn in winters by Emiratis.

14. Emirati Weddings

Emirati Weddings

Weddings in UAE are celebrated on a lavish level by the Emiratis. An average amount of Emirati men would pay for a wedding that would include:

1. Bride’s Dress
2. Wedding party
3. Honeymoon
4. Engagement ring

The wedding celebration lasts for seven days, which is followed by a marriage proposal ceremony called the Al Khoutha and is later accompanied by a marriage contract called Al Akhd.

15. Emiratis Spots

Emiratis Spots

Emiratis are very difficult to spot in local areas of Dubai. They only tend to go places where they only have other Emiratis. But this doesn’t apply to all.

16. Emirati Culture

Emirati Culture

The culture of Emiratis are based on Arabian Culture, having intake the influence of the culture of East Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. Islam has a prominent impact on local architecture, music, attire, lifestyle, and cosine.

17. Emirati Food

Emirati Food

Emirati food includes fish, meat, rice, beef, goat, camel meat, and much more. Emiratis popular beverages include coffee and tea, which include cardamom, saffron, or mint to add in a more distinct flavor.

The Final Wrap Up

There are more interesting facts about Emiratis. However, we’ve just managed to gather a few of them for you all. To learn more about Emiratis or any other thing, you can visit Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to get a close look at the insights.

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