Google Search – The Most Searched Queries On Google In Dubai. UAE

There can’t be any doubt for the most searched topic for 2021

“Coronavirus” & “Covid – Vaccine”

Every year research is held by Google for the most topics in every country along with the years gone by. This includes everything from hot topics to movies, news to education, etc.

Are you excited to explore and learn about google trends in UAE? Want to discover what sort of questions and queries are searched on google by the people of Dubai, UAE.

Take a deep breath and uncover the information we’ve gathered for you.

According to our research, the data aggregation is based on trillions of searches of what people do and ask the very own famous search engine GOOGLE.

So following are the latest searched highlights by people related to news, events, sports, celebrities, and much more in UAE.

Your Top Google search of 2021 for “WHAT”, “IS”, “WHY”, ” HOW” & “WHICH”

There are more than 50 000 searches made on Google every second. People in the United Arab Emirates searched more about Coronavirus and its updates. Besides this, here are some of the most searched questions related to the followings:


→ What does wap mean?

→ What is cyberbullying?

→ What dinosaur has 500 teeth?

→ What is a simp?

→ What is my IP address?

→ What app web

→ What are adjectives?

→ What is Ramadan?

→ What is matter?

→ What to watch

→ What time is it?

→ What is pangolin?

→ What are pretzels?

→ What is the difference between weather and climate?


➤ Is Dubai Safe?

➤ Is Dubai a country?

➤ Is Dubai a City?

➤ Is Dubai in India?

➤ Is Dubai in Asia?

➤ Is Dubai in the Middle East?

➤ Is Dubai a city or a state?

➤ Is Dubai a good place to live?

➤ Is Dubai a developed Country?

➤ Is Dubai in the Northern Hemisphere?


🠆 Why do genies hate dates?

🠆 Why is bitcoin going up?

🠆 Why Dubai is called a fake city?

🠆 Why do bitcoins have value?

🠆 Why do dogs eat grass?

🠆 Why is the sky blue?

🠆 Why so serious?

🠆 Why were cornflakes invented?

🠆 Why should we hire you?


🠞 How to buy Dogecoin?

🠞 How to invest in Dogecoin?

🠞 How to Mine Dogecoin?

🠞 How to screenshot on mac?

🠞 How to basic life hacks?

🠞 How is Covid transmitted?


🢖 Which celebrates have Coronavirus?

🢖 Which Vaccine is better

🢖 Which Wich Superior sandwiches?

🢖 Which is which in a sentence

🢖 Which is the following

🢖 Which is better

🢖 Which is the best SUV

🢖 Which is the best vacuum cleaner

🢖 Which is the richest country in the world

🢖 Which is the best iPhone



Your Top Google search Of 2021

1. Health –  Covid


3. Coronavirus update

4. Bitcoin Price

5. Passport Index

Top Personalities Searched On Google

1. Mohammed Salah

2. Kardashian

3. Megan Markel

4. Hailey Baldwin

5. Donald Trump

6. Kanika Kapoor

7. Joe Biden

8. Taylor swift

9. Haitham Bin Tariq

Most Googled Events

1. Gulfood

2. Dubai Fitness Challenge

3. Dubai Motor Show

4. Dubai AirShow


6. Gitex

Most Google search List

1. Games of Thrones Last Season

2. Koffee with Karan

3. Games of Thrones Show

4. Khams Banat

5. Kapil Sharma Show

Most Googled Local Destinations in 2021

1. Dubai frame

2. Dubai Opera

3. Burj Al Arab

4. Global Village

5. IMG Dubai

6. La Mer Dubai

7. Louvre Abu Dhabi

8. Legoland Dubai

9. Dubai Safari

10. Roxy Cinema Dubai

Most Google Sports Events

1. Tour de France – 3.5 Billion

2. World Cup of Soccer – 3.3 Billion

3. Cricket World Cup – 2.6 Billion

4. Summer Games – 2 Billion

5. Women’s World Cup – 1. 12 Billion

6. Boxing – 1 Billion

7. UEFA Champions League – 380 Million

Most Google Job Sites In Dubai

1. LinkedIn

2. Indeed

3. Dubizzle

4. Gulf jobs

5. Bayt

6. Monster Gulf

7. Naukrigulf

8. Laimoon

General Google search in UAE On Google Include

1. Ramadan Timing

2. Bitcoin

3. Passport Index

4. Flight Tickets

5. Covid Vaccine

6. Indian Currency Rate

7. Eid-ul-Fitr 2021

8. iPhone 10

9. Online Shopping sites

10. Jobs in Dubai

11. YouTube

12. Abu Dhabi

13. Google

14. Translate

15. Emirates

16. Facebook

17. Etisalat

18. Manorama

19. Whatsapp

20. Dubizzle

Final Verdict

It’s not just UAE, and every country has its statistics. And Google is the only platform that helps to tie millions of people together. However, some of the lists of searched keywords might not change at the end of 2021. But there’s definitely going to be some new search queries. So keep an eye on these and use them for your benefit.

 So Happy Googling, Guys !!!

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