The Museum of the Future – The Most Beautiful Building in the World

The wait is over. Dubai has yet again managed to make another Guinness World Record by constructing another masterpiece building known as the Museum of the Future. 

Do you know that it took 6 years and millions of dollars to build, and the best part is that no one knew what was hidden inside this building until it was opened?

So, are you interested in finding out what this building is all about? What is written all over it? Why do news sources say that there is a space station and a rainforest inside? 

Well! Wait and relax. We’ve done our research and have gathered all the information for you.

Let us walk you through every detail of this beautiful building in this article.

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The Museum of the Future Dubai Construction

The Museum of the Future Dubai Construction

The Museum of the Future is located in the heart of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The structure of this building is inspired and looks like a human eye. An eye looking at the future and because it’s round, there is not a single corner in this building and also no columns. Plus, it’s a seven floors building. 

So it won’t be wrong to say that this building is an engineering marvel and you won’t find it anywhere else. The outside of this building is made of 1024 panels, exactly representing the 1024 bytes in 1 kilobyte, and each panel is covered with Arabic quotes. It’s the only Dubai calligraphy building in the world covered with a language and is pretty good-looking from both inside and outside. 

Interesting Facts About The Museum of the Future

Here are some of the astonishing facts that will leave you stunned and thinking about them the whole time. 

1 – Space Experience

The most fascinating part about Dubai’s new museum is that everything inside it is from the present and the future, not from the past. Even the elevator is designed like a spaceship, giving you the same experience that you would get on an actual spaceship. We know that you haven’t had an experience of a spaceship. But trust us, it will provide the same feeling as if you’re in the space itself and about to connect to an international space station.

Space Experience

2 – The Museum of the Future inside

Like the museum, Dubai’s future building consists of many floors. So here is what you can explore on each floor. 

5th-floor experience 

On the fifth floor, there is an actual NASA-approved design of a space station. It is an interactive walkthrough space that shows you our solar system and what it means to become a multi-planetary species. 

We believe exploring a real space station in your life can be a bit difficult, but the experience you get is as close as it gets to feeling like you’re actually in space.

4th-floor experience 

On the fourth floor, there is an actual buildup of a rainforest. In this DNA library, you can see over 2400 species, to remind us that in the future we have to take care of nature and live with it. But of these 2400 species, only some of them survived, and some of them did not. However, just walking through this is like a surreal experience. 

DNA library

Experience on the second floor

On the second floor, there is a space station dedicated to the craziest ideas, from flying drones to self-driving cars and robotic dogs. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. They are all hiding here. 

Bottom floor experience

On the bottom floor, there is a full science park for future generations to help them appreciate physics, science, and math. 

3 – The future of wellness 

Moreover, inside Dubai Museum of the Future, you can travel to a whole new era where you disconnect from technology and reconnect your mind, body, and soul to a sanctuary space. 

4 – The Centre 

This part of the museum is completely dedicated to where you can immerse yourself in vibrations that help you rebalance electromagnetic fields and restore natural rhythms. Not only that, but you also get to experience the restorative effects of movement meditation and water beneath a marvelous dome. 

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What quotes are written in Arabic about this incredible Dubai Museum new project? 

The Museum of the Future

Wondering what these quotes exactly mean. Well! Let us tell you. These three quotes by Sheikh Mohammad reflect his vision for the city’s future. Furthermore, the Arabic calligraphy that you see on the building was designed by Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej.

Here is what it says: 

The first quote says: “We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.”

The second one reads: “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. The future does not wait. The future can be designed and built today.”

And the third goes like this: “The secret of the renewal of life, the development of civilization and the progress of mankind is in one word: Innovation.”

Our Final Verdict 

The Museum of the Future in Dubai is not just a building. It is an investment fund, a university, and a lab at the same time. 

It is where young people like you and us can get financial support. Also, talented people will get funding here to pursue their craziest ideas in math, science, physics, and tech. So this means that this museum will find and fund people with incredible ideas with millions of dollars. 

The whole point of this is just about bringing back the glory of the past and making this a center of that ideation, bringing in new professors, new scholars, new ideas, and a bright future. 

Since its date, many people believe that the future is all about big buildings. No, it’s not, but the future is about science, technology, climate, and nature. It is about supporting humans with great ideas. It’s about taking care of our planet, Earth. Most importantly, it’s about having and leaving a better world for the future generation. 

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Frequently asked questions 

1 – What is the museum of the future in Dubai opening date of 2021? 

The doors of the museum of the future were opened on February 22, 2022, to the public.

2 – How much is the Museum of the Future Dubai tickets? 

The price of the ticket starts from AED145 only, and children under the age of 3 have free entry. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and get direct access to the venue. 

3 – How to reach the Dubai Museum Sheikh Zayed Road?

You can reach it via metro, Uber, or cab to the exact location. Besides this, you can also make use of Google Maps; just type in the location you are traveling from. It will show you the correct museum at the future Dubai location. 

4 – What is the museum of the future Dubai timing?

You can visit from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

5 – Who is the museum of the future Dubai contractor? 

The Museum’s engineering infrastructure was developed in cooperation between “BAM International,” the main contractor, and “Borough Happold Engineering Consultants,” which designed the engineering structure.

6 – Who is the museum of the future Dubai architect? 

Shaun Killa is the architect of the amazing building.

7 – How can you be a part of the museum of the future? 

You can check our online portal for the museum of future career opportunities.