Paithani Sarees – All You Need To Know About It

Are you fond of wearing sarees, but haven’t found the perfect one? Then no need to fret as Paithani Sarees are there for you. 

These elegant Paithani Sarees are known to be one of the chicest and stylish sarees in Maharashtra. They are one of the most popular designer sarees too. 

So if you want to shop sarees at reasonable prices and wish to learn more about Paithani Sarees, then you’re at the right place. 

Just scroll down and go through this in-depth insight and make the best choice for yourself. 

How to identify a Paithani Saree? 

A gold and silk sari is called a pattan. When Paithani weaving was revived, the production was carried out only for export purposes, and the saris were produced only for classy buyers. Paithani slowly evolved from cotton to a silk base. While silk was used in the borders and weft designs, cotton was used in the body. Paithani nowadays has no trace of cotton.

Paithani sarees can be identified with typical oblique squares on the border and peacock motifs on the pallu. These sarees include colorful threads to create a kaleidoscope of colors, making the pieces stunning and striking visually. The way Paithani sarees are woven makes them a bit pricey and of the most unique weaves of India.  

Paithani sarees, more of a plainer weave, are made of silk and zari. These sarees with weft designs are as per the principles of the tapestry. Traditionally, Paithani sarees had a colorful, cotton muslin with supplementary patterns. Later in the 19th Century, silk fields were woven.

Three Types of Silks are Used for Paithani Sarees

  • China Silk: Very expensive to use.
  • Ciddle-Gatta: Fine quality silk with a shiny, smooth finish.
  • Charkha: This is cheap, uneven, and dull and is widely used.

Paithani: Indian Sarees to Boast Off 

The kaleidoscope effect in Paithani sarees is achieved by weaving the fabric length-wise using a colored thread and using another colored thread to weave it width-wise. Another specialty would be the presence of gold zari all across the silk saree. Because of the origination of these Indian saris in such proximity to Ajanta caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, one can find Buddhist influences on this saree in the form of motifs, like the lotus on which Lord Buddha sits. Because so much intricate work is done on Paithani Sarees, the work on the blouse is somewhat plainer. 

Sarees are one of the most preferred Indian wedding dresses, and a piece like this is a must for the trousseau. This ensemble has a classic, royal look and feels and is woven just like a tapestry.

When classified based on colours, there are three distinctive types?

  • Kalichandrakala: Black with a red border
  • Shirodak: White and worn during formal occasions (not worn on religious occasions, unlike Kerala or Bengal)
  • Raghu: Parrot green in color

Paithani sarees boast both traditional as well as trendy designs and can be found only in India. With Like A Diva, you can now have your favorite Indian sarees delivered at your doorsteps directly. 

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How to style a Paithani Saree?

style a Paithani Saree

Since the Paithani saree is elegant, the styling needs to be grand too. Heavy Indian jewelry is paired with Paithani sarees and is a popular choice during festivals. Traditional Indian jewelry is preferred to be paired with Paithani Silks.

Kundan, Polki, Meenakari jewelry are often paired with these Indian saris. Pearls are also a good pair for these vibrant silk sarees. It also is a great way to juxtapose traditional Indian attire with a hint of western jewelry. Go for a necklace, small earrings, and maang tika to create an ornate look.  

Handbags or designer clutch bags are a must for all sorts of outfits. Most women prefer carrying handbags with their saris to keep their hands free from carrying mobile phones, tissues, sanitizers, or masks. With Indian dresses, one can carry designer, embroidered handbags, potlis, or clutch bags. You can also carry a clutch bag in contrast color, maybe in the same color as your blouse. 

Let your pallu open because the most gorgeous design is typically on the end of your pallu, so showing off your pallu is a must!

Our Final Verdict

So if you are craving to look like a celebrity and wish to steal the spotlight of the event, then nothing can be better than this Paithani Saree. We hope that the above guide will help you get your desired jaw-dropping sarees and look. So without thinking much plan our look and start with shopping.