Best Reasons Why the Show “Squid Game” Is So Popular

One of the most-watched series on Netflix is non-other than Squid Game.

It’s a South Korean Drama that was released globally on September 17, 2021. Because of the show’s popularity, Netflix ended up dubbing the show in 34 languages along with subtitles in 37 languages.

The most appealing part about the show is that the script of the show was written back in 2009 by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The writer of the story tried to sell the story to many production studios. But the story got rejected many times because of its rough nature. Though the first season has already ended on a cliffhanger. Yet still, it hasn’t gone off the list of top-watched series on Netflix.

So If you haven’t watched this series or are watching and wondering why is this show gaining so much popularity, then don’t worry. Experts are here to guide you about each and every reason for popularity.

So without wasting more time, scroll down and start reading. !!!

List Of Best Reasons Of Squid Game’s Popularity

  1. Easy access to the show. As it is available on Netflix in many languages. 
  2. Squid game characters are related to real-world humans. As all are eager to earn money so they can live happily by clearing off all their debts. Most of the main characters are quite supportive of their families and the emotional backstories of these characters melt the viewers’ hearts. 
  3. It’s a simple concept and is cleverly turned into a fantastic reflection of society. 
  4. The game highlights that money and power run the world now. And people with no money have to face hardships in life. It even reflects a major difference between the rich and the poor. 
  5. All its episodes contain an element of action, thrill, emotions, and suspense. 
  6. Memes of the giant robotic girl are quit in talk. All the characters of Squid game are replicated many times on Twitter and TikTok. 
  7. The challenge in Squid Game in which players have to cut shapes is also trending on Instagram. You’ll be seeing influencers and other people cutting shapes of circles. Triangle, star, umbrella out of a “Dalgona” candy. It is also commonly known as honeycomb toffee. 
  8. Catchy dialog of the deadly Squid game are also very addictive.

Best Episodes Of Squid Game

Some of the best episodes of Squid game are below that are must-watch on Netflix. 

squid game
  1. Episode 1 – Red Light, Green Light: The main character Gi-Hun is a broke and desperate man. He agrees to become a part of the game to earn money. 
  2. Episode 2 – Hell: The players of the game decide on whether to quit or continue playing.
  3. Episode 3 – The Man with the umbrella: Jun-ho manages to sneak this way through. Also, few players enter the next round in which they deal with equal doses of sweet and deadly levels. 
  4. Episode 4 – Stick to the team: Players are not safe in the dorm once the light goes out. You will see a team of Gi-hun thinking strategically. 
  5. Episode 5 – A Fair World: The team members of Gi-hun takes turns in guarding at night. You will also see the masked man will be encountering trouble with their co-conspirators.
  6. Episode 6 – Gganbu: You’ll see players paring up for the fourth game. Sea-byeok shares her untold story to players and Sang-woo will go for self-preservation. 
  7. Episode 7 – VIPS: The masked leader gets the privilege to become a VIP guest and gets to view the show in the front row. Many of the Squid game players crack under pressure in this episode. 
  8. Episode 8 – Front Man: In the last round players recalls distrust and disgust that runs deep down among them. Jun-ho tried to build a gateway, trying to expose the game’s dirty secrets. 
  9. Episode 9 – One Lucky Day: The players will face another curel test in the last episode. You will also see the creator stepping out of the shadow. 

Our Final Word

Since this season only consisted of nine-episode, people are waiting desperately for its season two. But the maker of the show is not yet ready with season two. We hope these interesting facts will motivate you to watch the show. Yet, the show has many amazing twists and turns throughout the episodes. Trust us, it’s a must-watch show and we assure you that you will also get addicted to this plot on Netflix.