Saint Patrick’s Day 2021 – Facts, Tradition, Sales & Décor

St Patrick’s Day is an event shared and celebrated by all. It’s one of the days that have an effect on the entire world, causing people to come together to enjoy the parades and decor their homes and streets. Moreover, many stores even offer discounts and deals for people.

So if you wish to learn more about this event, then we have collected some interesting facts, deals, and much more for you.

Are you all set to celebrate this meaningful event, then let’s get started? Take your coffee mug and discover all the much need information. 

Why St Patrick is so well known and why is St Patrick’s Day celebrated?

Saint Patrick was a well-known patron saint of Ireland who lived during the fifth century. This famous saint was born in Roman Britain. When Saint Patrick was just 16, he was kidnapped and bought to Ireland as a slave.

After struggling for quite a long time, he managed to escape, and later, he returned to Ireland. Saint Patrick was also credited for bringing Christianity to its people.

Another best reason for Saint Patrick becoming so popular and well know was that he explained the Holy Trinity ( Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ) using the three leaves of a native Irish clover, the Shamrock.

Best Astonishing St Patrick’s Day Facts That You Need to Know
Best Astonishing St Patrick’s Day Facts That You Need to Know

St Patrick’s Day celebration was held back in the late 17th century on March 17, marking the death anniversary of St Patrick in the 5th Century. Moreover, there are many more interesting facts related to this day, so if you want to learn more about St Patrick’s day history or facts and how it evolved into the biggest international event. Then scroll down to learn more.

Fact #1: The famous Saint was born in Britain

Fact#2: St Patrick to Banish from Ireland that no snakes around him

Fact#3: Leprechauns are more likely based on Celtic fairies. As all tiny men and women were able to use the magical power to serve both good and evil

Fact #4: Shamrock – is considered to be one of a sacred plant

Fact#5: The first St Patrick’s Day parade was held in America

Fact#6: Irish people were once scorned back in America

Fact#7: American Innovated corned beef and cabbage

St Patrick’s Day Tradition for good luck

Want to get good fortune on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland or any other country? Here are some surprising things from history that will for sure bring you good luck.

  1. When it comes to dancing jig a little, whether you’re an Irish or not
  2. Drowning the Shamrock
  3. Treat your loved ones with Irish soda bread and let the devil out
  4. Keep an eagle eye and hunt out four-leaf clovers
  5. Celebrate the day wearing the o’ the green outfits or either blue
  6. Pinch the ones who are not wearing green
  7. Stay sober when it comes to eating and drinking
  8. Take pleasure eating Irish bacon and clicking photographs
  9. Feel the magic by kissing someone who’s Irish
  10. Relish the Irish way when it comes to celebrations
Exciting St. Patrick’s Day Food Special For Everyone
Exciting St. Patrick’s Day Food Special For Everyone

Here are some fantastic food special deals that are must to try.

Arby’s – Enjoy Mint Chocolate shake at discounted price

Baskin Robbins – Celebrate Mint chocolate chip polar pizza on this special day

California Pizza Kitchen – Treat yourself to an Irish Mule for just $5.

Cracker Barrel – Save the day from March 10 -17 for traditional corned beef n’ cabbage dish.

Dunkin’ – Don’t miss out on Irish Crème – flavored coffees and espresso drink and lucky shamrock donut.

St. Patrick Day sales for 2021 

ASOS – Get 20% off on everything during St. Patrick’s Day

Claire’s – Grab 50% off on accessories and other stylish bracelets, and more.

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Wrap up

So if you want to enjoy this day to the fullest, then consider all the above-mentioned information. So what are you waiting for the rush to start off with all the preparations for these celebrations?

May the blessing of each day be the blessings you need the most – Happy St. Patrick’s Day.