The Ultimate Guide for Holi 2021- History, Significance, Holi Celebration In Dubai

Every one of us knows that Holi is a festival in which everyone plays with color. But sadly, very few of us know about its history, significance, importance, and much more.

So do you want to know more about Holi in detail? Read on.

As per history, Holi is an Indian festival celebrated by Hindus, not merely in India but worldwide.

Since it a well-known festival, but with time the story or you may say the religious event history by far is faded, and hardly very few people remember it.

Fret not, and we are here for your recuse. We have gathered all the best information related to Holi 2021 for you.

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When is Holi 2021 Celebrated?

The most awaiting Holi festival of colors will be celebrated on March 29, 2021 (Monday) moreover, whereas the celebration of Holika Dahan shall take place on March 28, 2021, i.e., Sunday. So if you’re wondering when is Holi in Dubai 2021? Then let us guide you, it shall be celebrated on the same date

Why is Holi celebrated?

Just in case if you have forgotten the history of Holi or its significances. Then here’s a quick brush up to recall why we celebrate Holi and what importance it holds in Hinduism.

History of Holi

There are numerous interesting tales linked with this festival’s origin. Yet the most glorified and admired stories of Holi origin is associated with ‘Holika Dahan. As per religious history, there was a well-known and powerful demon king, whose name was Hiranyakashyap.

Because of his powerful dominion control over the kingship, he wanted every person in this dynasty, or you may even say kingdom, to worship him. But unfortunately, his son, Prahlad, refused to worship the demon king Hiranyakashyap as Prahlad was a dedicated devotee of the magnificent lord Vishnu.

History of Holi

On refusing to worship, the king exasperated, which urged the king to end Prahlad’s life. He eventually asked his sister Holika, who was granted a boon that made her immune to fire, to take Prahlad in her arms and enter the blazing fire to take his life. But sadly, the moment Holika entered the fire, she got burned because her boon was only applicable when she entered the fire alone. This way, Prahlad was saved and wasn’t harmed by the intense fire.

Since after this event, everyone started by celebrating the victory of good over evil.

Holi 2021 – Significance of Holika Dahan

The main reason for celebrating Holi is that it signifies the victory of good over evil is mentioned above. The day begins on the night before the main Holi Dahan. Moreover, this day is marked as the end of winter, and the spring season is welcomed wholeheartedly. The first day of Holi is referred to as Chhoti Holi, and the following day is referred to as the Rangwali Holi, where people gather to celebrate this event and play with colors.

Holi 2021 - Significance of Holika Dahan

Apart from this, on this festive day, even the enemies turn friends, as the main motto of the Holi festival is to spread happiness and love. In concise to this, people also practice the spirit of conviviality, peace, and fellowship. Also, this religious event is used for thanksgiving for the quality harvest.

Importance of Holi Festival 2021 Dubai

On Holi, every person is welcomed with open arms to celebrate this religious event. Whether it’s kids, strangers, rich or poor, men or women keenly take part in singing, dancing, preparations, puja, eating, and much more.

As the great quote describes it all, “ Bura Na Maano Holi Hai. “

How is the great festival of Holi celebrated?

Holi is a festival that is loved and celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. People wait the whole year for the event to play with colors and eat and drink those delicious treats. So if you wish to learn more, given below is a brief guide that will enhance your knowledge and guide you about everything.

Arrangements & Preparations Of Holi Puja

Arrangements & Preparations Of Holi Puja

Just when the festive season is around the corner, people start off with its preparations. They collect woods, offerings (coconut, sweets, etc.), and other inflammable stuff for the Holika Dahan or bonfire. This event takes place in colonies, community centers, parks, or other open spaces.

1- Holika Dahan

On the festival day or you can also say Chhoti Holi. People gather around the pyre after sunset to perform puja and then later light it. People even offer certain offerings to the bonfire and recite prayers as they take rounds of the bonfire.
Note: According to our research and knowledge Holika dahan in Dubai 2021 is restricted, You can celebrate Holi 2021 in Dubai, but you cannot perform the same rituals as in India.

2- The Expectational mouthwatering feast

After Holika Dahan, on the very next day known as Badi Holi, people apply colors and prepare the iconic Holi drink called the Bhang along with other treats.

The Expectational mouthwatering feast

Sweet Treats – Jalebi, Gujiya, Ras malai, Malpua, Kesari malai peda, Puran poli, Bhang laddoos, Mattar kheer etc.

Savory Treats – Gol gappe, Papri, Chaat, Dal kachori, Kanji Vada, Dahi Bhalla, Chole bhature, and other namkeens.

3- After Party – Clean Up

After enjoying the festival with powder colors to their fullest, people later rush homes to clean the colors. Once they are cleaned up and fresh, they dress themselves up and visit their friends and family to greet them for the festive and offer them those delicious delights.

Best places For Holi Celebration in Dubai 2021, United Arab Emirates 

A most cherished festive of color – Holi in Dubai is celebrated with complete delectation. Moreover, numerous exciting Holi 2021 Dubai takes place. These Holi events in Dubai are lined up with exciting activities, you can dance to loud Bollywood tunes, play with eco-friendly powder Holi colors, eating mouthwatering delights, and much more. So if you’re all pumped up with celebrating these festive vibes, then discover some of the best places for Holi party Dubai with us for Holi 2021 in Dubai. 

Holi special in Dubai

List of some of the best places for Holi party in Dubai 2021

These are some of the best places where Ho
li events in Dubai 2021 will take place. Get your bookings done and celebrate Holi in Dubai 2021 with full enthusiasm.

· Al Mamzar Beach Park

· Zabeel Park Gate 3

· Bollywood Parks Dubai

· Leisure Travel and Tourism

· Jabel Park

· Ajman Beach Hotel

· Ramee Royal Hotel

· Elite 10 Sports City Dubai

· Hilton Dubai Creek

· Yoga Ashram

· The Courtyard Playhouse

· Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai

· Creek Park Dubai


So if you’re looking for Holi parties in Dubai 2021, then these places are your go-to spot for celebrations.

Wrap Up

So if you haven’t started with the preparations for this festival, then wait no more. Hurry now to prepare the list for all the exciting activities and items that you want to enjoy. Hopefully, the above information has unlocked all the myths.

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