Time For Plan B – Best Ways For Career Change During Recession

Looking for a career change during a recession? Here are some best tips & ways that will help you land your dream job or field.

Many of the skillful peoples are currently unemployed due to COVID 19. It has completely changed the working conditions and economy for people all around the globe. With tons of financial crises, it ok to feel confused and terrified. In this situation, many people might not know what to do and which career path to follow and where to go next because no one feels prepared for what’s ahead.

So if you’re amongst those millions of people who are currently unemployed, or are worried about your future, then don’t be nervous. We are here to guide and help you how you can navigate a career change during the recession and set yourself up for a new career path. This guide here will answer all your questions and help you search out a new career future, so you can reach your goals. 

Is it good to change jobs during recession? 

Wondering whether to change job or not? Then let us tell you, everyone will guide you according to their own personal psychology and perspective, some might tell you that career change during recession is the best time to search for your dream job, while on the other hand, some might guide you that it’s a bad decision. But it’s all upon you whether you’re ready or not to take up that risk that most people often fear. In this situation, you will have to ask some questions yourself. Given below are some:

Once you’re able to answer all these questions, you’ll figure out whether it’s a good idea or not. Thus if you are planning to do, then given below are tips and ways that you can check out.

List of some of the best ways for career change during recession

Shared below are the best ways that you can utilize if you’re tired of your old job and want to pursue your dream job or field.

1. Identify what you want to do  

Identify your interest and skill. You can also list down all the relevant questions when you plan your next move: What type of work you want to do? Do you want a boss free life? What benefits are you looking for from your position? What type of organization do you wish to work for? Thus, if you’re not sure what you want, plug in some keywords and start with searches. Look for the best jobs that rank the highest and match your skills.

2. Find the gap 

Changing jobs in a bad economy can be risky. Therefore after determining what you want to do, you’ll have to understand which of the necessary skills you are lacking. At this stage, the previous job search you did shall also be helpful in finding all the strengths and weaknesses between you and your favorite position. All this will help you find those gaps that are stopping your move to ahead.

3. Fill those gaps 

Once you have determined that your current skills are not strong enough to help you get your dream job, try searching for a bridge job – a mediator job position will help you go from job A to job B in no time. In case if you plan to change both your job and industry, try switching it within your industry first. For example, if you want to work in accounting, but your current position is in Human resources, then try to get experience within your industry first and then move to the transit industry next. This way, career change during a recession won’t harm you much.

4. Update your resume 

Finding a job during recession is just like finding Nemo. So if you want to change your career and want to land your dream job, then upgrade your resume. Try to incorporate all your skills in your language, and the same goes for your LinkedIn profile as well as any other social media accounts you often use professionally.So hurry to update your resume now.

Update your resume

5. Network 

Networking is the best solution when you plan for a career change during recession. After updating your resume, you have to prove that you right for the industry and that particular job without showing much concrete experience.

Another best thing that you can do is spreads your resume to your friend, family, former colleagues and tell them that you’re looking for work or planning to change the industry and ask them if they can recommend you to anyone or any good job.

6. Figure out what you bring to the table

As we’ve mentioned earlier that you need to understand your skill and what you’re in search ofBut If you’re unable to figure this out, then to create a more clear picture, ask your colleagues, managers, and friends what they think are your expertise. At times we don’t recognize our own skills and talent. But once you’re aware of your skills, list them down and use them to build yourself.

7. Evaluate skills to a new opportunity 

Once you’re familiar with the discovery process, look at the skills you possess from a different perspective and match those skills with the ones that are relevant today. And ask yourself whether you need to acquire new skills to match the current opportunity or not. So to avoid oneself from landing on another worst job during recession, it’s better to take precautions beforehand.

8. Establish your new brand

If you wish to pursue your plan B, you’ll have to ask and answer the certain question yourself. Why you? This will help you create your own brand by yourself. If people don’t connect with your story the way you want them to, people will make up a story about you. Therefore, tell others your value and connect them in a better way by telling them why you do, what you do and how you do it differently, and lastly, what makes you better than others.

9. Get prepared for challenges. 

Whether it’s building your own brand or establishing your recession-proof businesses, every act involves multiple roadblocks and immense challenges. Therefore you need to be prepared for everything, and you need to invest and stay committed to going after that opportunity. 

There’s a very famous quote “Try Try until you succeed! 

10. Move slow & steady

We all know that patience is the key to success and slow & stead move always helps you win the race. So when you’re planning quitting job during recession, look at all the aspects from a broad term and plan your move in a slow and steady manner.

11. Choose a recession-proof job.

 Recession is the best time to truly evaluate what you really want to do in term of career. Plus, it’s also a great time for growth and self-discovery. Take full advantage of this time and search out for jobs or career paths that you feel you can accomplish and are confident about. Also, you can evaluate the best recession-proof jobs in 2021 when you’re deciding what career you’d like to make transition into, whether you want to join education, IT, health, HR, management, or any other field. Carefully search and then mover accordingly.

12. Educated and train yourself to be competitive 

If you want to be competitive in the market or position, you need to ensure that you have the right skills, knowledge, and experience the job requires. But if you think that you aren’t capable enough or you don’t possess those skills that make you the right fit, then get that training and education that can make you more marketable. 

13. Find people to guide you

Look out for people, lets say someone you know well like a friendly, family member, colleague or any other, ask them to help you get a foot in a new industry or give career change advice. Moreover, you can also get in touch with a career advice consultant. Just utilize whatever connection or resources you have to help you meet the ends in the right direction. As mentioned above, networking is the best way to getting job interviews, and that all that you need. So before you career change during recession make sure that you have closely evaluated everything.

Find people to guide you.

14. Stay satisfied with a lower title. 

When you decide to career change during recession, you may have to start everything from scratch, plus you will have you start again with a lower step along with a lower salary than in your previous job. But these things are extremely important to continue working towards your end goal. Because if you want to move up or in your desired field, you will have to start somewhere. However, at times it is ok to step backward to go further forward in a field you’re most passionate and desperate about.

Commit completely

A career change during recession can be both overwhelming as well as scary, but if you take this in a positive manner, then it’s a great opportunity to jump into a new career. But many people will hesitate upon taking this opportunity because a lot of risk and challenges are involved in it. Thus if you commit toward your goals, then nothing can’t be impossible.

Final Wrap Up

Though a job loss during recession can break you financially, if you expand your searches and horizons, you will realize the market is filled with many career opportunities. You just have to stay confident about your skills and experiences and search out for your dream job. So whether you are wondering, Is it safe to change jobs during recession? Or not, then let us guide you without taking risks nothing can be achieved. But lastly, it’s all about your choice, what you wish to do. Furthermore, you can take guidance from the above-mentioned steps if you plan a career change.