Top Proven Advertising Techniques To Grow Customers

Succeeding as a business often comes down to several marketing methods. You have to employ the best marketing plans if you aren’t aware of any advertising techniques.

Living in this rapid world where customers are more logical and more aware of different products. How can you make them realize that your business is much more than the others?

If you ask this question from the marketing department of any business. They will answer “powerful advertising.”

Yes, a powerful advertisement can help you to grow customers and expand your business.

Now, what is a powerful advertisement? The answer is quite simple again. Powerful advertisement is the one that uses different attentive techniques.

If you want to grow your customer through advertisement. Fret not! We’ve rounded up the top best-proven advertising techniques to grow customers.

List Of Advertising Techniques To Grow Customers 

1- Promotional Advertising Techniques

Big 30% off sale. Use this coupon to get free delivery. Buy one, and get another absolutely free.

How many of you will get excited with these lines? Many among us.

This is basically promotional advertising. This technique is a must if you are in your starting stage of business.

Giving some incentives, promotional giveaways, and price reduction is the best way to grab new customers.

Promotional Advertising Techniques

For example, if you have a business such as home appliances. You can give coupons to new customers or a discount of 20% or 30% off.

2- Endorsement Advertising Techniques

When Mr. Bean was featured in Snickers advertisement, and Justin Timberlake was featured in Pepsi’s ad. Their fans wanted to eat snickers and drink Pepsi.

Why? Because they loved these celebrity stars and couldn’t reject their choices and also wanted to join them.

It is what we call an endorsement. Featuring many famous and respectable personalities in the ads. Who has high recognition, respect, and trust among the people, makes it easier to grab audience’s attention.

The audience believes their words. And will adopt what their favorites are using.

Endorsement Advertising Techniques

For example, if you have a beauty product business. You can cast a beautiful actress in the advertisement.

3- Bandwagon Advertising Techniques

“Don’t stare too long; you’ll miss the train.” This was the slogan of MacDonald’s in one of their advertisement.

It tries to tell you that you will miss out on the train if you wait any longer. The train here is MacDonald’s burger.

This type of advertisement is called a bandwagon technique. Simply this is a propaganda method. The advertiser tries to convince the target audience to accept their perspective and not miss out on any good opportunity.

This advertisement tells the individual to flow with others and not to be left behind.

Bandwagon Advertising Techniques

For example, you can also use this kind of slogan for your business. If you have a footwear business. Then “Walk to the future” or “step up with others’ and some other like that can work.

4- Problem/Benefit Advertising Techniques

“5 problems one solution, L’Oreal”. Everyone knows it. This is the perfect example of problem and solution advertising.

The problem and solution advertisement are basically where the business focuses on an issue and provides its solution.

They exhibit their product or service as the best solution to specific problems. This will attract the customer more toward the business. Because of the direct encounter of the problem.

Problem/Benefit Advertising Techniques

For example, if you are running a detergent business. You can identify the simple problem “stains” in your ad. And explain why your detergent is best to remove the stains.

5- Testimonial Advertising Techniques

“9 out of 10 doctors recommend Sensodyne”. This is how Sensodyne uses the testimonial of doctors for the target audience.

Testimonial advertisements also can be called words of mouth.

The existing product user is featured in the ad to ensure the new buyers. They talk about the benefits of the product or service.

Or by any trustworthy person who is a professional related to the field of your business. This will bring the extra trust of people towards your business.

Testimonial Advertising Techniques

For example, this kind of technique is primarily applicable if you have a business related to human well-being.

If you have a skincare product, you can feature the existing customers in your ad. Or you can also cast the skincare specialist for more trust.

6- Fear Advertising Techniques

Horlicks ads always have this slogan “taller, stronger, and sharper.” This is how they hit the fear of parents towards their children.

They let them believe that their children can’t be taller, stronger, and sharper if they don’t drink Horlicks.

The fear technique is to persuade the customers to buy the product by making them assume a risk.

The advertisement features a certain element that triggers fear in individuals. And after that it guides them to buy their product and service to avoid the risk.

Fear Advertising Techniques

For example, if you have a life insurance business. You can use different risk factors of death or accidents in your advertisement. 

This will make the customer illuminate that the product is specially designed for him or her.

7- Bribery Advertising Techniques

“Buy one Filet-O-Fish and get one free.” This offer was by Macdonald’s. This is how the brand grabbed new customers.

The bribery technique is when the commercial opts to convince the customers to buy their product. They attract customers by adding some “extra.”

This method is highly used by almost every brand. It is the best way to make the customers think that they are getting extra benefits.

Bribery Advertising Techniques

For example, suppose you are running an online business. In that case, you can offer free deliveries to nearby areas or in your city or country.

8- Emotional Appeal Advertising Techniques

Johnson & Johnson showing the affection of the mother toward her child surely melt everyone’s heart. Right?

This is an emotional appeal, associating any product or service with specific emotions.

Emotion appeals are the fastest way to trigger the consumer’s mind. It relates the emotion with the business.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are related to happiness. Thus the Cadbury dairy milk describes itself with relationships. This is how the emotional appeal works.

Emotional Appeal Advertising Techniques

For example, suppose you are running a business that can be used in happy moments like cakes. In that case, you can feature any event related to your product.

9- Facts & Static Technique

“40% less fat, 30% less calories, big taste.” This advertisement was by Burger King. It specifically shows that how much the fat and calories are low in the fires.

This type of advertisement used facts and statics techniques. This technique uses facts and figures to aware the customers about the accurate counting of anything.

Facts & Static Technique

For example, if you are running an online food delivery business. You can easily show how many successful orders you delivered.


These techniques are proven—they’re used by most famous brands to grab new customers. The extra efforts of these advertising techniques will boost your sale, and your business will grow more efficiently.