What Is Required To Be A First-Class Flight Attendant For Emirates

When it comes to flying first-class, no one can accommodate better than the elite first-class flight attendants of emirates Airlines—but getting this prestige and many sorts after a job is a lot tougher than you think. So are you wonder what makes emirates flight attendants cut off above all the rest? Sit back and get comfortable because we are about to uncover everything for you. 

You might not think that flight attendant is a job in Dubai that sounds competitive or even desirable. But past emirates recruitment tribes has seen approx. 120 thousand applicants from countries all over the world.

According to Catherine Baird, the Senior Vice President of Cabin Crew Training at Emirates Airline say that:

These recruitments tribes are tracked in the ray of talent that even includes people with degrees in law and medicine. But before you can even think of becoming part of this elite team of hospitality experts, there are certain criteria one must fit, and Emirates Airline has strict requirements for all of its job applicants.

What are the training procedures the first-class flight attendant for Emirates has to go through? 

If you’re among those lucky enough to land this dream job, then say goodbye to your current neighbors because working as a cabin crew with emirates airline means you have to move to Dubai. The company provides housing in more than 50 buildings in its headquarter city, where two to three colleges of the same gender share an apartment.

training procedures the first-class flight attendant

Once settled into new digs, it’s off to emirates state of the art training facilities where crew cabin undergo some of the intense training business. They’ll spend 2 weeks learning safety and emergency procedures that include scenarios like handling cabin fire and emergency water landings and that all is done inside of life-sized Emirates aircraft stimulators capable of mimicking real-life air turbulence.

Furthermore, next its 5 days of medical training where the new employees undergo learning from administering CPR dealing with burns and bleeding and even how to deliver a baby at 30 thousand feet’s above in the air, and as you might expect, the new crew also spends several days learning on how to handle high jacking, savatage, and destructive behavior. This even includes combat training, so watch out frequent flyers. The person you’re bothering for extra pillow and blankets might just be able to kick you off the butt.

Requirements of becoming a first-class flight attendant for women

Requirements of becoming a first-class flight attendant
A flight attendant has to meet the physical demands of the job. Like reaching up into those overhead compartments to help you store that luggage that you should have checked. Furthermore, here are some of the requirements
  1. You must be a high school graduate 
  2. Must be fluent in English 
  3. Be at least 21 years old age
  4. You must have a healthy body Mass Index ( BMI )
  5. You should be at least 5 feet 2 inches tall along with an arm reach of 7 feet while standing on your tippy-toes.

What are the other restrictions or rules of Emirates Airlines for attendants?

 For Females


restrictions or rules of Emirates Airlines for attendants

Emirates Airline cares a lot about its images, that why the company has its own imaging and grooming department, providing a strict guideline for a first-class flight attendant on everything from lipstick color to hairstyle.

A female flight attendant’s fingernail colors are restricted to either red or French manicure. Their lipstick color must be a vivid red pigment known as Emirates’ red to match the company’s logo, and eye shadow is restricted to light brown, and hairstyles are limited to French twist to the bun with an option of Emirates red scrunches.

Similar restrictions are put on jewelry as well. Plain and simple watches are allowed. But necklaces are a no. Emirates takes these things so seriously that the imaging and grooming department even offers classes on makeup and skincare.

For Males 

restrictions or rules of Emirates Airlines

There are also rules for the male attendant. The male flight attendants must remain clean, shave, and hair must be neat and away from the face and long enough to touch their shirt collar. They are also not allowed to have a hairstyle that is consider overloaded with products. And while onboard, no emirates flight attends are allowed to have visible tattoos. So if you’re planning a career change then make sure to consider everything.

So far, we have learned about what it takes to be a first-class flight attendant with Emirates Airlines.

Meal Service

When it comes to meal service, a first-class flight attendant with emirates indoors vigorous high-class food service training. To provide what they call silver service to their high rolling jet setters. This includes a three-course meal with an appetizer, and main course and dessert served in intervals.

Meal Service

The training includes everything from etiquettes to proper plates and cutlery to exclusive training on wine and spirits. They know all about their guest before they even get on board.

Would you believe that before each flight, this crew is giving a briefing of every single guest? They will be accommodating.

They are given files with all information, and then with these, the crew members are given the names and information of each guest, including special information on any VIPs.

During the flight, these attendants take notes on each guest, recording everything from:

  • Reason for flying
  • Travelers hobbies
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Drink preferences
  • Size pajama they wear.

This information gets passed on to the next crew members that serve that particular guest.

Perks of being a first-class flight attendant

 Are all this rigorous training and strict rules adherence worth it? 

Well, at emirates, the flight attendant salary starts at roughly $32, 000 a year. Now, this may seem meager that don’t get fool because there are other great benefits of the job for one.

Remember those apartments we told you about? They don’t pay for those. Then that salary doesn’t seem to be meager when none has to go to rent a mortgage or does it.

They also get 30 vacation days a year. A whole month and they can go anywhere with those thirty days with one free flight ticket a year and a special discount airfare for friends and family. But the best part is traveling to 140 destinations worldwide with all the accommodations and meals paid for by the Airline. Isn’t it pretty sweet by the Airline?

Our Final words

Well, that’s all it takes to be a first-class flight attendant with Emirates Airlines. Furthermore, if you want to become a cabin crew, then check out the emirates airline cabin crew page. It covers all the information that you need to consider for this job. So would you be here to all these rules and cater to the super-rich to get that free month-long vacation anywhere. Let us know in the comment section.