What To Wear In Dubai? Here Are Dubai Street Style Fashion Ideas To Try

Staying stylish and up to date is a trend these days. Nobody wants to look and wear outfits that are not a style statement. Whether it is office or beachwear, people love to follow fashion.

So if you’re a person living or visiting Dubai, UAE, and wondering what the latest fashion is trending in Dubai? How can one adopt a Dubai Street Style 2021 look?

Chill! fret no more.

We’ll show and guide you on everything, what you can wear in Dubai?

Though these outfits might seem basic and unimaginable, when put together will add an extra spark to your personality.

Without any further ado, let check out the latest fashion in Dubai right now and get inspired with Dubai Street style.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of few outfits for both men and women that you can consider.

Outfit Ideas To Wear In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Street Fashion For Women

1. Dazzling Day Time Dresses

People living or visiting the country have full rights to wear anything that they like, until and unless their dressing does not violate the rules of Dubai. So if you want to stay cool and comfortable, here are some of the outfit ideas that you can consider. In spite of the fact that Dubai is an Islamic country, yet still, it’s a modern country with high moral values.

Dazzling Day Time Dresses

Elegant Emirati Women Style

Visiting UAE and not trying Dubai traditional clothing customs is something that you’ve missed. Whether it’s abayas or long gowns, experiencing it once is certainly the real-life of Dubai essences. There are many stores and places where you can get hands-on attires. To help you out, we’ve highlighted a few Dubai Street Style looks that you can consider.

Elegant Emirati Women Style

Casual Partying In Dubai

So what if you’re not a celebrity, still you can adopt celebrity street style in Dubai at pocket-friendly prices. As we all know, Dubai is known for its glitz and glamour. So if you’re heading out to a club or a party, get that inspired Kendall Jenner street style look and be a center of attraction at any party and set the stage on fire.

Casual Partying In Dubai

Dubai Sporty Beach Style

Dubai has some of the best beaches, whether it is kite beach or Jumeirah, or any other. Its tourist’s favorite spots. So if you want to stay comfy as well as trendy, then go for a flowy and loose formal dress. You can also add shades to your outfit to complete the look. And don’t forget to carry your sunscreen with you to avoid those sunburns and rashes.

Dubai Sporty Beach Style

Formal Lunch Day Outfits

Be it a woman doing job in Dubai and staying up to date with Dubai girl fashion is pretty challenging. But that isn’t impossible, right. You can still be classic and work at the same time. You just have to pick the right outfit that’s comfy and compliments you as well. So if you head out to Dubai fashion online shopping, make sure that you spend wisely on outfits. You can all check out these outfits that we’ve showcased.

Formal Lunch Day Outfits

Streetwear Style Shorts

Dubai is pretty hot throughout the year. So if you feel like dresses and pants are not in your comfort zone. Then we suggest you go in shorts. You can wear them with a loss t-shirt and add in few accessories like sunny shade, hat, and bag. To complete the look, you can also wear sandals or maybe heels if you can easily walk in those.

Streetwear Style Shorts

Warm Dubai Street Style

Want to be classy as well as glamorous? Then go for these warm street style women’s attires. These outfits will help you get the Dubai Street Style look that you desire. You can either go for long or short skirts as shown below. Plus, you can also style your outfits with causal sneakers or heels. It’s all up to your choice.

Warm Dubai Street Style

Street Fashion Statement

If you want to pull off this style statement look, then you need to try out these outfits. The first and the third look are all about dresses. You can either go for a vibrant short dress or a subtle light-color long dress. Whereas in the second and fourth one, it’s all about skinny pants. You can just go with a shirt or long oversized overcoats. Trust us, if put together perfectly with be chic and flattering.

Street Fashion Statement

Elegant Professional Look

Nothing can beat the attire that is high class and sophisticated. But if you overdo this look, it can easily turn into a complete disaster, so if you wish to look ultra-modern along with being professional. Then you can go for a full black outfit or a shirt with an oversized T-shirt. You can also try the third look with open hair, flats, and a big handbag.

Elegant Professional Look

Winter Street Style

It’s pretty tempting to be a streetwear style girl in Dubai. Since in Dubai winters are not too cold, but you can still style yourself with oversized overcoats, pants, and sweaters. Plus, the Dubai street style also includes handbags. So if you are crazy about stylish bags, then you can find amazing cost-valid deals and replicas in Dubai’s Souk markets. If the best market for bags and shoes.

Winter Street Style

Dubai Street Style Fashion For Men

Why should girls have all the fun? Well, no need to moan, guys. We have something exciting in collections for you all too. So need to stand back, immediately slide down to check out street style men’s collection right now.

1. All Black And Bold

Men with classy outfits are always admired more. Plus, they also win the hearts of surrounding people. Whether you agree with us or not but men look more appealing in complete black outfits. It gives them a more hedge and bold look. Black T-shirts with pants with books or sneakers are way beyond anything. So if you’re being wearing this, then trust us, nothing can stop you from being Dubai fashion 2021 iconic.

All Black And Bold

2. Classic Jeans

Jeans with long selves T-shirts are the evergreen attire. Not just blue and black jeans, you can also play with other trending colors like grey, brown, navy, etc. Plus, you can also experiment with colored sneakers that include white, grey, etc. this outfit idea can work for all occasions. When it comes to accessories, you can pick a smartwatch with a bold belt over the waist.

Classic Jeans

3. Business Class Look

The business look does not only means coat, pants, and boots. Well, let us tell you, now you can also wear sneakers instead of boots and a t-shirt instead of a shirt as shown in the third picture. We know that business attire itself is a style statement. But when it comes to Dubai Street Style, everything is possible.

Business Class Look

4. High Street Fashion

Shorts are also included in Dubai Street Style. But men, you need to be a bit careful. Because not everyone can pull out this look, so before you head out in those shorts, make sure to double-check yourself in the mirror to be 100% sure that you can carry this look around with full confidence. Plus, you can also grab a pair of shades to add in some extra color.

High Street Fashion

Semi-Formal Style 

This kind of look can also go for all occasions. You can try out the first look, which includes pants, a shirt, coat, and tie. Plus you can also go for a printed shirt with pants. Furthermore, the middle look has a combination of both. So now it’s all up to your choice which urban street style look to want to acquire.

Semi-Formal Style

6. Meeting Streetwear Outfits

A formal meeting outfit needs to be effortless yet sophisticated. A good dressing pant with a shirt and pairing it with boots is guaranteed going to be an outstanding attire. Just know your body style and play with colors. Given below are new combinations that you can consider. Remember to keep it simple and voguish.

Meeting Streetwear Outfits

7. Beach Style Wear

Try to come out of your comfort zone and experiment with your style. This Dubai outfit male is in trend these days. So if you haven’t tried this look then, we bet you must once. It’s simple yet vintage and goes well for beachwear. Accessories are an option in this look.

Beach Style Wear

8. Smart With Pants

Simple black or grey pant can be easily styled in different ways. Just as shown in this picture below. You can wear this if you’re a university-going male or just heading out with your buddies.

Smart With Pants

9. Sophisticated Formal Outfits

For those who are attending a date or a dinner with a female friend. Free feel to style yourself in any of these outfits to make a trendy statement. A great way to achieve this Dubai Street Style is choosing the pieces that complete and bring out the best of your completion and body. You can never go wrong with these kinds of looks. For a more understated style, consider going with outfits that are more formal with either boots or sneakers.

Sophisticated Formal Outfits

Our Final Wrap Up

Moreover, you can also dress up according to the location and event. Just like you can’t wear a gym outfit to desert safari. Though you can wear anything in Dubai. However, experimenting with prints and outfits can help you to be more attractive and can also add in a more bold statement.

Hopefully, we believe that the above Dubai Street Style looks have now cleared all your doubts. So before you rush to the mall for shopping, make sure to list down each and every detail of your outfits.

Until then, stay home, stay Covid safe.